Magical Crops 3

Magical Crops 3
Name Magical Crops 3
Creator Mark719
Latest Version 4.0.0 Core beta 5
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Website Project
Forum MC Forum thread (old)
Root Mod Minecraft Forge

The Magical Crops 3 mod adds several different crops, blocks, and items to Minecraft. The crops can be used for food or for growing special essence that can be turned into items and precious metals. The terrain generation in Magical Crops is Essence Ore, which after being mined drops Essence Dust. Essence Dust can also be farmed by planting Essence Seeds and waiting until the plant is mature. Most food seeds can be found the same way vanilla seeds can be found, by breaking tall grass and shrubs.

Fruit and Veggies[edit]

Each crop is grown from its respective seed and drops 1-2 seeds along with one of the food item that restores 1.5 hunger and may be crafted into juice by combining them with a glass bottle and a squeezer. Juice will restore 3 hunger. Any of these crops can be used to craft Magical Food. Eating it will restore 3 hunger and give the potion effect "Health Regeneration III" for 2 seconds, restoring 5 hit points. It is crafted by surrounding 1 Nature Essence with 8 of any of the following crops. This recipe gives you 4 pieces of Magical Food.

  • Blackberry
  • Chilli
  • Cucumber
  • Grape
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Sweetcorn
  • Tomato

Magical Crops [1][edit]

Magical Crops are grown from Magical Seeds obtained from 1 Essence Seed, 4 Essence Dust and an Infusion Stone. Magical Seeds are planted to grow the relevant Magical Crop that will yield 1 Essence Dust, 1 Essence Seed and a random chance of a second seed, a Weak Essence or a Nature Essence. The Essence Dust may be crafted into its corresponding item. For instance, 8 Coal Essence will yield 12 Coal. Some main essences will also be able to dye certain items like Glowstone by combining it in a crafting grid. Some essences like the Nether Essence and a dye essence will create a large spectrum of items. A dye essence for example will create every single dye except for Lapis Lazuli. Magic crops are fully mature when they have a small sphere of the colour that correlates to the essence you put in them (ie. A coal crop will be mature when a black sphere is formed on top.) Magic crops also have enchantment particle effects.

Magical Crops are [2]:

  • Coal Crop
  • Dye Crop
  • Redstone Crop
  • Glowstone Crop
  • Diamond Crop
  • Emerald Crop
  • Blaze Crop
  • Ender Crop
  • Gold Crop
  • Iron Crop
  • Lapis Lazuli Crop
  • Nether Crop
  • Obsidian Crop
  • Experience Crop
  • Tin Crop
  • Silver Crop
  • Lead Crop
  • Certus Quartz Crop
  • Sapphire Crop
  • Ruby Crop
  • Peridot Crop
  • Aluminium Crop
  • Rubber Crop
  • Sulfur Crop
  • Manganese Crop
  • Ardite Crop
  • Cobalt Crop
  • Ferrous Crop
  • Platinum Crop
  • Infused Shard Crop
  • Uranium Crop
  • Oil Crop
  • Force Crop
  • Dark Iron Crop
  • Magnesium Crop
  • Osmium Crop
  • Blue Topaz Crop
  • Chimerite Crop
  • Moonstone Crop
  • Sunstone Crop
  • Vinteum Crop

All other crops are similar to magical crops.

Element Crops[edit]

Soul Crops[edit]

Soul Crops are grown with Soul Seeds and yields a Soul Essence, 1 or 2 Soul Seed and 10% chance of a Nature Essence and 20% chance of a Weak Essence.


  • Essence Sword - Lightbringer (places a torch when 'Shift+Right-clicking'), Infused, Unbreakable and deals 9 damage.
  • Essence Hoe - Infused, Unbreakable and can till a 3x3 area when 'Shift+Clicking'.
  • Essence Pickaxe - Infused, Unbreakable and cannot mine obsidian.
  • Essence Shovel - Infused, Unbreakable.
  • Essence Hatchet - Infused, Unbreakable.


  1. Bonemeal only works on the basic food crops. However Magical Fertilizer will cause crops to grow instantly and a Sigil of the Green Grove from Blood Magic or a Watering Can from Extra Utilities can speed up the growth.
  2. Some of the Essence Crops will only be available with the corresponding mod installed.