MFFS Extractor

MFFS Extractor
MFFS Extractor

Name MFFS Extractor
Source Mod Modular Force Field System
ID Name Unknown
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Solid Yes
Transparent No
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Required Tool MFFS MultiTool

The MFFS Extractor is a machine from the Modular Force Field System mod. It consumes Forcicium and produces Force energy.

It creates force energy from EU and Forcicium. It may also create force energy from pure EU by creating and charging a MFFS Compact Forcicium Cell .

This sends power from its internal storage to either a MFFS Capacitor or a MFFS Projector (right click on target block with a blank MFFS Card and then right click the extractor).

On the front of the Extractor there are 3 parts of information:

  • WE: How much EU the machine is receiving to work.
  • WC left: How many work cycles are left in the piece of forcicim (each forcicium starts with 250 cycles) it is extracting.
  • Fe Cap: How much Force Energy is stored inside of the Extractor if there is no MFFS Capacitor attached to Extractor.

The four lights in the corners turn green when the extractor is running. The extractor can accept high voltage ic2 power (EU).

The GUI[edit]

Labeled GUI of the Extractor.

1. Input slot

The first slot on the very top is the slot for you to place your Forcicium , one piece of forcicium will get you 3,000,000 Force energy (FE). You can place either the raw type or insert the more compact MFFS Compact Forcicium Cell.

2. Compact Forcicium Cell slot

The slot to the right of where you put your forcicium, is where you could put a Compact Forcicium Cell and it will create forcicium, using 200.000 EU or 80.000 MJ per focicium. The compact cell can hold 1000 forcicium, so it is an easy way to supply large amounts of forcicium to your extractors.

3. Power up setting

This icon represents how the machine is turned on. the first is by a redstone signal, (no signal=off of course) the second with a mffs switch tool, and the third by mffs control system.

4. Capacity Upgrade slot

The left upgrade slot is for Capacity Upgrades (9 max) which allows the Extractor to store more FE internally (improves by 100.000 FE per upgrade).

5. Booster Upgrade slot

The right upgrade slot is for Extractor Boosters (19 max). This increases the rate at which the Extractor extracts the FE from the forcicium.

7. Card slot

The slot on the farthest right is where you put your MFFS Card (Power Link). To create an energy link card get a MFFS Card (Blank) and right-click on a MFFS Capacitor. Place the MFFS Card (Power Link) into the farthest right slot. By doing this all the Force energy that the MFFS Extractor creates will be stored in the MFFS Capacitor .

8. Internal storage

This field shows the current amount of power held inside the Extractor. If a capacitor is attached, the extractor will attempt to fill the capacitor first. Then fill its internal storage.

FE Extraction Rates[edit]

Each cycle MFFS Extractor extracts 12.00 FE. It consumes 4000 EU each cycle. Base cycle time is 20 ticks which can be lowered with MFFS Extractor Boosters. EU consumption and FE extraction rates based on number of MFFS Extractor Boosters are represented in the following table:

Number of Extractor Boosters Maximum possible EU/t consumption Maximum possible FE/t extraction
0 200.00 600.00
1 210.53 631.58
2 222.22 666.67
3 235.29 705.88
4 250.00 750.00
5 266.67 800.00
6 285.71 857.14
7 307.69 923.08
8 333.33 1000.00
9 363.64 1090.91
10 400.00 1200.00
11 444.44 1333.33
12 500.00 1500.00
13 571.43 1714.29
14 666.67 2000.00
15 800.00 2400.00
16 1000.00 3000.00
17 1333.33 4000.00
18 2000.00 6000.00
19 4000.00 12000.00


GUI Crafting Table.png
Electronic Circuit

MFFS Force Energy Crystal
Advanced Machine Block
MFFS Force Energy Crystal

Extractor (IndustrialCraft 2)

MFFS Extractor