Heat Exchanger (Advanced Generators Structure)

Heat Exchanger is a structure added by Advanced Generators mod. It is a only way to produce Steam in this mod by using Water and Lava.

Building An External Heater[edit]

It can have any form.

It is a multiblock structure, which can include:

Heat Exchanger GUI[edit]

Heat Exchanger GUI1.png
  1. Water amount
  2. Lava amount
  3. Obsidian amount
  4. Steam amount
  5. Heat Exchanger's state
  6. Clear internal buffers button
  7. Output configuration

Heat Exchanger's state

Heat Exchanger State.png
  1. Current Heat
  2. Maximum Heat Transfer
  3. Heat Loss
  4. Lava Consumed
  5. Steam produced


If you put only Lava in this structure, you'll get Obsidian, but If you put Water and Lava, it will start producing Steam.