Hardcore Darkness

Hardcore Darkness
Hardcore Darkness
Name Hardcore Darkness
Creator lumien231
Type Cosmetic
Latest Version 1.8
Minecraft Version 1.8.8
Website Project
Root Mod Minecraft Forge
Modpacks Feed The Beast Interactions
Feed The Beast Trident
Hexi's Dark Depths

The Hardcore Darkness mod removes the minimum block and sky light level turning night time light level to 0. Adjusting the brightness or gamma up is pointless. The sky, the stars and the moon is still visible however without a light source everything around the Player is completely black.

  • The global light level can be set in the mod's Config file:
    • 0. There is no minimum block and sky light
    • 1. There is no minimum block light
    • 3. There is no minimum block and sky light is dependent on the moon phase

There are also options for a Dark Nether, a Dark End and Dark Twilight Forest dimensions and an alternative night skylight tint. A Dimension Blacklist option allows to list dimensions where minimum light level will be kept.