Feed The Beast Wiki:Bureaucrats

Bureaucrats are users who have the right to change user group membership through the wiki interface. Due to Feed The Beast Wiki sharing its account database with the FTBForums.org forums, administrators can indirectly change user groups using the forum's admin control panel.

Bureaucrat abilities[edit]

  • Managing users' group membership.
  • Creating accounts exclusive to the wiki. This does not mean that only bureaucrats can create accounts, as the forum accounts can also be used to log in on the wiki. If you wish to create an account for the wiki and forums, please do so here.

What bureaucrats cannot do[edit]

Bureaucrat status on its own only grants the two rights listed above, nothing else. However, a bureaucrat is usually also an administrator and contributor, and thus also has the rights of those groups.

List of bureucrats[edit]

Currently RZR0 is the only bureaucrat on the wiki.