Falling Meteors

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Falling Meteors
Name Falling Meteors
Creator Unknown
Type Resource
Latest Version 2.10.2
Minecraft Version Unknown
Website Falling Meteors
Root Mod Unspecified
Modpacks New World Mod Pack
Resonant Rise
The MadPack

Falling Meteors causes resource rich semi-random meteors to impact the loaded area. Impact sites are approximately 10-15 blocks diameter, and DO destroy blocks in that impact area similar to a creeper explosion x1.5.

Meteors that impact the ground place black shaded blocks that upon breaking with an iron or higher(unconfirmed) pickaxe has an approximately 30% chance to give one Meteor Chip. Specific rates have not been tested with this post. Simply an approximation.

Meteor blocks can also spawn naturally around layers 0-20, and have a significantly higher drop chance of a Meteor Chip.

These Meteor Chips can be crafted into an armor set using the generic vanilla recipes for armor. Meteor Chips can also be turned into tools using the Meteor Chips like the ingots, and iron bars in place of what normally is sticks. Every piece, whether armor or tool, comes with a built in enchantment called Magnetized I. This attracts dropped items entities in the area to the player and causes them to be gathered by the player unless their inventory is full. In the scenario that the players inventory is full, the items continue to orbit the player until the items de-spawn. This mechanic is similar to the effect Experience Orbs have. Armor values seem similar to Iron.

Overall, this mod adds a unique sense to minecraft in that an area can possibly destroyed, and yet can give a valuable resource at the same time. The enchanted effect is HIGHLY useful when mining underground as it can save items from lava or from falling into pits. However, the enchantment also gets rather annoying if you have a large number of dropped item entities with a full inventory and say 5-10 stacks of cobblestone are speeding around your face yet you need to find a means of opening space. This enchant also makes it difficult to toss out items as they will simply float back and orbit you. A great mod nonetheless.

be warned while mining asteroid pieces an alien creeper may spawn which is a creeper that is overcharged. It has 3 times the explosion power of a normal creeper.