Cactus Coke

Cactus Coke
Cactus Coke

Name Cactus Coke
Source Mod Plugins for Forestry
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

Cactus Coke is a fuel source added by PluginsForForestry. It is created by cooking Cactus Charcoal in a Coke Oven. After 35 seconds, the Coke Oven will convert the Cactus Charcoal into Cactus Coke while also producing 30 Millibuckets of Creosote.

Cactus Charcoal provides enough heat energy to smelt 4 items in a Furnace. It can also be used to generate 2000 EU in a Generator or to power a Stirling Engine, Hobbyist's Steam Engine, or Solid Fueled Firebox.

While converting Wood into Charcoal provides more energy and Creosote Oil for a renewable setup Coke Oven setup, cactus farms are easier to automate and do not require additional mods to set up.