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The Millibucket, or mB for short, is an universal unit for measuring liquid amounts. Certain mods also use this unit to measure gases, most commonly Steam. Such "gases" are treated like liquids and can usually be stored in most liquid containers.

As the name suggests, one mB is one thousandth of what a Bucket can hold. Thus, devices that interact with both buckets and liquids, such as Liquid Transposers and Iron Tanks, will take 1000 mB to fill a bucket or create 1000 mB by emptying a bucket.

Tinkers' Construct allows for smelting of metals and other materials in a Smeltery. In this case, one ingot is equivalent to 144 mB, one nugget to 16 mB, and one block to 1296 mB. Thus, 1000 mB are equivalent to 6 ingots and 8.5 nuggets.

Void Capsules can hold 8,000 mB, Magic Capsules can hold 2,000 mB, most Bottles can hold 1,000, with the exception of the Water Bottle, which holds 333 mB.

Sometimes when a capsule, bucket, or etc. is holding a gas, it might hold more than with liquids.