Better Furnaces

Better Furnaces
Name Better Furnaces
Creator TheFrogMC
Type Processing
Latest Version 4.3
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Forum Minecraft Forum post
Root Mod Minecraft Forge
Modpacks JoeGaming ModPack
Vanilla Overhaul

The Better Furnaces mod is a mod created by TheFrogMC. It features a set of upgraded furnaces, such as the Iron Furnace, which can perform smelting and cooking actions faster than a regular Furnace. The mod also comes with a large collection of upgrades of which three can be applied to a single one of the upgraded furnaces.

Name Ability
Iron Furnace 1.5x smelting speed
Gold Furnace 2x smelting speed
Diamond Furnace 4x smelting speed
Hell Furnace 25x smelting speed
Extreme Furnace 50x smelting speed


Name Ability
Fuel Efficiency Upgrade 2x Fuel Usage up to 128 items
Advanced Fuel Efficiency Upgrade 2x Fuel Usage unlimited
Ore processing upgrade 2x ore for up to 512
Advanced ore processing upgrade 2x ore Usage unlimited
Storage Upgrade Gives 2 fuel and 2 input slots
liquid Fuel Upgrade Adds internal tank that efficiently smelts with lava and stores several buckets
Input Factory Upgrade Specifies adjacent inventory to input from
Output Factory Upgrade Specifies adjacent inventory to Output to
Color upgrade Give your furnace a very customizable color. Shift Right-click on furnace to specify color
Factory Upgrade Can Specify an input, output, and fuel input.