Soldering Iron

Soldering Iron
Soldering Iron

Name Soldering Iron
Source Mod Forestry
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable No
Durability 6

The Soldering Iron can be used to attach certain Electron Tubes (Tin Electron Tube, Copper Electron Tube, Bronze Electron Tube, or Iron Electron Tube) to Circuit Boards and to remove Circuit Boards from Electrical Engines and the new (as of Forestry version 2) MultiFarms.

To attach Electron Tubes to a Circuit Board with the Soldering Iron, put the Soldering Iron in your hotbar and right click towards any empty area or block without a right click interface, for instance towards the sky. This will bring up the Soldering Iron's GUI.


GUI Carpenter.png
Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Bronze Ingot

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Soldering Iron


To open the GUI right click with the soldering iron when it is equipted to your hand.

On top of the black area there's a selector for the designated purpose of the Circuit Board. Currently there are three modes available: Electric Engine, Managed Farms and Manual Farms. Selecting one of these determines in what type of machine the Circuit Board will have an effect.

On the left are four slots where the Electron Tubes must be placed. When placed the name of the effect will appear right next to the Electron Tube slot. For a list of the effects of the different Electron Tubes have look further down.

On the right there are two slots for the Circuit Board, the upper slot is where an empty or to be re-soldered board must be placed and the lower slot is where the finished board will appear.

(The next section may have to be rewritten drastically over the course of updates to the Forestry mods! They are currently based on the already outdated version

It is important to note that using the Soldering Iron and the Circuit Boards in the mod's current state is extremely buggy. Here are some points you must follow in order to use the GUI successfully and don't lose any items:

  • Don't use any of the circuit boards except the Enhanced Circuit board as the others seem to destroy the electron tubes and just leave the circuit board with no upgrades no matter what amount of electron tubes you enter
  • It is not possible to remove or erase Electron Tubes from a Circuit Board, however it is possible to re-solder a Circuit Board with new tubes. Still the old tubes will be gone.

Consider all this behavior to be influenced by bugs and also likely to be changed in future updates of the Forestry mod. It will hopefully happen very soon, but before that happens it is strongly recommended to experiment with the GUI's behavior in NEI's Cheat Mode in order to get acquainted with its current quirks! Don't take the instructions in this section for granted, they might be outdated by the time you read them. You have been warned!

Note: as of March 20, 2013, after rough testing it seems only certain combinations of tubes work with any given circuit board. The most powerful circuit to boost an electric engine you can make (which works) is with 2 Tin (Boost 1) and two Bronze (Boost 2). This makes the electric engine consume 50 EU/t, but put out 14 total MJ/t (a ratio of 3.571 EU per MJ).

For Managed Farms the order in which the Tubes are added to the Circuit Board, decides the orientation of the different farm parts.

Position 1: Farm Top slot facing North

Position 2: Farm Bottom slot facing South

Position 3: Farm Left slot facing West

Position 4: Farm Right slot facing East

Circuit Boards[edit]

There are four types of Circuit Boards in Forestry version 2. They are the Basic Circuit Board (formerly Small Circuit Board) which holds only one Electron Tube, the Enhanced Circuit Board (formerly Medium Circuit Board) which can hold up to two tubes, the Refined Circuit Board (formerly Large Circuit Board) that can hold three tubes and the new Intricate Circuit Board which can hold the maximum of four tubes in total.

Adding Circuit Boards to a machine is easy and it doesn't require the use of the Soldering Iron, just place the Circuit Board that you have upgraded with tubes into the corresponding slot of the Electrical Engine or the MultiFarm.

However removing boards from these machines does require the Soldering Iron and it also uses up the tool's durability. Using the GUI and adding tubes to the boards does not. In order to remove a Circuit Board from a machine, pick up your Soldering Iron and right-click the Circuit Board in the machine, it should be placed into a free slot of your inventory.

Important note: With version 2 of the Forestry mod, it is now possible to stack Circuit Boards that have the same properties. But due to a bug it is also possible to add a whole stack to a machine (although when removing the Circuit Boards with the Soldering Iron the stack won't be lost but recovered).

Since the Soldering Iron only has six uses, it is advisable to think twice before adding a Circuit Board to a machine, as they can only be removed safely with a Soldering Iron. They will be lost, when the entire machine is removed with a pick-like tool. It is also wise to think twice before soldering Electron Tubes to a Circuit Board, as any Circuit Board that has had Electron Tubes soldered to it cannot have these tubes removed. They can only be replaced with new tubes.

Electron Tube Effects[edit]

In the tables down below the max stack is the limit for how many of that specific type of tube can be on a single circuit board regardless of the circuit board's maximum tube capacity. Remember that despite the use of the word stack you must place multiple tubes of the same type in different slots and not as one item stack into one slot.

Electrical Engine[edit]

Type of tube Effect (Max stack) Change in input EU Change in output MJ EU:MJ ratio (Normal 6:2 = 3:1)
Copper Choke(1) -2 EU/t -1 MJ/t 4:1 (Worst)
Tin Boost I(2) +7 EU/t +2 MJ/t 13:4
Bronze Boost II(2) +15 EU/t +4 MJ/t 21:6 = 7:2
Iron Efficiency(1) -1 EU/t No change 5:2 (Best)

Managed Farm[edit]

Type of tube Type of farm Input ground material Farmed material(s)
Apatine Shroom Grid Mycelium.png Grid Red Mushroom.pngGrid Brown Mushroom.png
Blazing Infernal Grid Soul Sand.png Grid Nether Wart.png
Bronze Crop Grid Dirt.png Grid Wheat.png
Copper Arboretum Grid Dirt.png Grid Sapling.png
Iron Vegetable Grid Dirt.png Grid Carrot.pngGrid Potato.png
Tin Peat Bog Grid Bog Earth.png Grid Peat.png

Manual Farm[edit]

Type of tube Type of farm
Copper Orchard
Tin Peat Bog
Bronze Crop Farm
Iron Vegetable Farm
Gold Succulent Farm
Diamond Reed Farm
Obsidian Gourd Farm
Rubber Rubber Plantation
Apatite Shroom Farm
Lapis Cocoa Plantation