Silky Comb

Silky Comb
Silky Comb

Silky Comb

Name Silky Comb
Source Mod Forestry
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

Silky Combs are one of the comb types from the Forestry mod.

They are valuable as a means of getting Silk Wisps for Apiarist armor or expanding the Forestry backpacks. They are also often the first source of Propolis used to make Apiarist's Pipe for bee breeding automation.


Silky Combs are produced by the Tropical branch of bees:

The Leporine Bee also produces Silky combs. However, this species can only be bred around the Easter period.

If the Extra Bees mod is installed, they can also be produced by three other branches:

Viscous branch[edit]

Virulent branch[edit]

Caustic branch[edit]


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Silky Comb

Honey Drop
Silky Propolis

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