Research by Aspect

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This article is about Research by Aspect from Thaumcraft 4. You may be looking for Research by Aspect from Thaumcraft 3.
For the Aspect list and the items that have those aspects, see List of Aspects.
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This article contains detailed information of discoveries, recipes, or secrets, which are intended to be discovered through in-game mechanics.

This page spoils every bit of Thaumcraft research by showing exactly which aspects can be used for each discovery.

There are three types of discovery: Primary, Secondary, and Hidden. Primary research requires completing the research minigame in a Research Table. Secondary research is automatically learned by spending enough research points upon selecting it in the Thaumonomicon, and will have a hexagonal icon. Hidden research is like Primary research, but cannot be started unless you scan a specific item with the Thaumometer or craft a research notes out of Knowledge Fragments.

For details on the research system itself, see Research Table.

Basic Information[edit]

Research Requires Type Aspects
Aspects of Magic - - -
Ores - - -
Plants and Trees - - -
Enchantments - - -
The Pech - - -
Thaumonomicon - - -
Research - - -
Knowledge Fragments - - -
Research Expertise - Primary OrdoSensusCognitio
Research Mastery Research Expertise Primary PraecantatioSensusOrdoCognitio
Deconstruction Table Research Expertise Primary PerditioFabricoCognitio
Auras and Nodes - - -
Advanced Node Tapping - Primary AuramPraecantatioMotusPermutatio
Master Node Tapping Advanced Node Tapping Primary AuramPraecantatioMotusPermutatio
Node Preserver Advanced Node Tapping Primary AuramLucrumSensus
Node in a Jar Node Preserver Primary AuramLucrumPermutatioMotus


Research Requires Type Aspects
Basic Wandcraft - - -
Wand Foci - Primary PraecantatioIgnis
Wand Focus: Excavation Wand Foci Primary TerraPerditioPraecantatio
Wand Focus: Frost Wand Foci Secondary Gelumx8 Aquax5 Praecantatiox5
Wand Focus: Warding Wand Focus: Excavation, Infusion Hidden TerraTutamenOrdoCognitio
Wand Focus: Shock Wand Foci Secondary Potentiax8 Aerx5 Praecantatiox5
Wand Focus: Equal Trade Wand Foci Primary PraecantatioPermutatioTerra
Wand Focus: Nine Hells Wand Foci Hidden IterBestiaIgnisPraecantatio
Wand Focus: Primal Wand Foci Hidden AerAquaIgnisTerraOrdoPerditioPraecantatio
Wand Focus: Portable Hole Wand Focus: Equal Trade Primary IterPerditioAlienisAer
Focus Pouch Wand Foci Secondary Vacuosx8 Praecantatiox5 Instrumentumx3
Copper Wand Caps - Primary MetalumPermutatioInstrumentum
Silver Wand Caps Gold Wand Caps, Infusion Primary MetalumLucrumInstrumentumAuram
Gold Wand Caps - Primary MetalumLucrumInstrumentum
Thaumium Wand Caps Gold Wand Caps, Thaumium, Infusion Primary MetalumPraecantatioInstrumentumAuram
Greatwood Wand Core - Primary InstrumentumArborPraecantatio
Reed Wand Core Greatwood Wand Core, Infusion Secondary InstrumentumAerHerbaPraecantatio
Blaze Rod Wand Core Greatwood Wand Core, Infusion Secondary InstrumentumIgnisPotentiaPraecantatio
Obsidian Wand Core Greatwood Wand Core, Infusion Secondary InstrumentumTerraSaxumPraecantatio
Icy Wand Core Greatwood Wand Core, Infusion Secondary InstrumentumGelumAquaPraecantatio
Quartz Wand Core Greatwood Wand Core, Infusion Secondary InstrumentumOrdoVitreusPraecantatio
Bone Wand Core Greatwood Wand Core, Infusion Secondary InstrumentumPerditioExanimisPraecantatio
Silverwood Wand Core Greatwood Wand Core, Infusion Primary InstrumentumArborPraecantatio
Greatwood Staff Core Silverwood Wand Core Primary InstrumentumArborPraecantatio
Reed Staff Core Reed Wand Core, Greatwood Staff Core Secondary InstrumentumAerHerbaPraecantatio
Blaze Staff Core Blaze Wand Core, Greatwood Staff Core Secondary InstrumentumIgnisPotentiaPraecantatio
Obsidian Staff Core Obsidian Wand Core, Greatwood Staff Core Secondary InstrumentumTerraSaxumPraecantatio
Icy Staff Core Icy Wand Core, Greatwood Staff Core Secondary InstrumentumGelumAquaPraecantatio
Quartz Staff Core Quartz Wand Core, Greatwood Staff Core Secondary InstrumentumOrdoVitreusPraecantatio
Bone Staff Core Bone Wand Core, Greatwood Wand Core Secondary InstrumentumPerditioExanimisPraecantatio
Silverwood Staff Core Silverwood Wand Core, Greatwood Staff Core Secondary InstrumentumArborPraecantatio
Staff Core Of The Primal Greatwood Staff Core, Bone Staff Core

Blaze Staff Core, Reed Staff Core Obsidian Staff Core, Quartz Staff Core Icy Staff Core

Hidden AerTerraIgnisAquaOrdoPerditioInstrumentumPraecantatio
Wand Recharge Pedestal Infusion, Node Preserver Primary AuramPraecantatioPermutatioPotentia
Compound Recharge Focus Wand Recharge Pedestal Secondary AuramPraecantatioPermutatioPotentiaInstrumentum


Research Requires Type Aspects
Glass Phial - - -
Crucible - - -
Nitor - Primary LuxIgnis
Alumentum - Primary PotentiaIgnis
Magical Metallurgy - Primary  ?
Magic Tallow - Primary CorpusPraecantatio
Gunpowder Alumentum Secondary IgnisPerditio
Thaumium - Hidden MetalumPraecantatio
Iron Transmutation Thaumium Primary MetalumPermutatio
Gold Transmutation Thaumium Primary Metalum
Copper Transmutation Iron Transmutation Secondary MetalumPermutatio
Tin Transmutation Iron Transmutation Secondary MetalumPermutatioVitreus
Silver Transmutation Iron Transmutation Secondary MetalumPermutatioLucrum
Lead Transmutation Iron Transmutation Secondary Unknown AspectPermutatioOrdo
Ethereal Bloom Infusion Hidden Unknown AspectHerbaSano
Essentia Distillation Nitor, Alumentum Primary PraecantatioAquaLimus
Void Jar Essentia Distillation Secondary AquaPerditioVacuos
Essentia Tubes Essentia Distillation Secondary AquaPraecantatioPermutatio
Filtered Essentia Tubes Essentia Tubes Secondary AquaPraecantatioPermutatioOrdo
Alchemical Centrifuge Essentia Tubes Primary PerditioPraecantatioPermutatioFabrico
Thaumatorium/Automated Alchemy Alchemical Centrifuge Primary AquaPraecantatioPermutatioFabrico


Research Requires Type Aspects
Basic Artifacing - - -
Table - - -
Arcane Worktable - - -
Research Table - - -
Item Grate - - -
Enchanted Fabric - Secondary Pannusx5 Praecantatiox3
Arcane Stone - - -
Paving Stone of Travel - Secondary Iterx5 Terrax3 Volatusx3
Paving Stone of Warding - Secondary Motusx5 Vinculumx3 Bestiax3
Infernal Furnace Nitor, Alumentum Primary IgnisMetalumFabrico
Arcane Bellows Infernal Furnace Secondary AerMachinaMotus
Arcane Levitator Nitor Primary MotusVolatusAer
Arcane Ear Goggles of Revealing Primary SensusPotentiaAer
Infusion Essentia Distillation Secondary PraecantatioMachinaFabrico
Runic Armor Infusion, Enchanted Fabric Primary TutamenAerPraecantatioPotentiaCognitio
Runic Armor Upgrades Runic Armor Secondary PraecantatioTutamenOrdoCognitio
Runic Goggles Goggles of Revealing, Runic Armor Secondary SensusPraecantatioTutamenAuram
Boots of the Traveller Enchanted Fabric, Infusion Primary IterTerraVolatusAqua
Runic Boots of the Traveller Boots of the Traveller, Runic Armor Secondary IterAquaTutamenVolatus
Sword of the Zephyr Thaumium, Infusion Primary TelumAerPotentia
Axe of the Stream Thaumium, Infusion Primary InstrumentumAquaMotus
Shovel of the Earthmover Thaumium, Infusion Primary InstrumentumTerraFabrico
Pickaxe of the Core Thaumium, Infusion Primary InstrumentumIgnisSensus
Hoe of Growth Thaumium, Infusion Primary InstrumentumVictusMessis
Warded Arcana Thaumium Primary InstrumentumCognitioMachinaTutamen
Arcane Bore Wand Focus: Excavation, Infusion Primary PerfodioMotusMachina
Arcane Lamp Nitor Primary LuxSensusTenebrae
Lamp of Growth Arcane Lamp, Infusion Primary LuxHerbaVictusMessis
Lamp of Fertility Arcane Lamp, Infusion Primary BestiaVictusGranumLux
Bone Bow - Primary TelumAerMotus
Primal Arrows Bone Bow Primary TelumAerIgnisAquaTerraOrdoPerditio
Thaumostatic Harness Boots of the Traveller Primary VolatusIterAerMachina
Mirror Magic Infusion Primary IterAlienisAer
Magical Hand Mirror Mirror Magic Secondary InstrumentumAlienisVitreusIter
Essentia Mirror Mirror Magic Secondary IterAlienisAquaPraecantatio
Brain in a Jar Infusion Hidden FamesCognitioExanimisLucrum
Thaumometer - - -
Goggles of Revealing Thaumometer Primary SensusAuramPraecantatio
Infusion Enchantment Brain in a Jar Primary PraecantatioCognitioTelumTutamenInstrumentum


Research Requires Type Aspects
Hungry Chest - Secondary Famesx3 Vacuosx3
Traveling Trunk Wooden Golems, Infusion Primary SpiritusIterArborVacuos
Straw Golems Hungry Chest Primary PermutatioMessisMotusSpiritus
Wooden Golems Straw Golems Secondary Arborx5 Motusx4 Spiritusx4 Permutatiox3
Flesh Golems Wooden Golems Primary PermutatioCorpusMotusSpiritus
Clay Golems Wooden Golems Secondary Spiritusx6 Motusx6 Terrax5 Permutatiox3
Tallow Golems Clay Golems, Magic Tallow  ?  ?
Stone Golems Clay Golems Secondary Spiritusx8 Motusx8 Saxumx5 Permutatiox3
Iron Golems Stone Golems Secondary SpiritusMotusMetalumPermutatio
Thaumium Golems Iron Golems Primary SpiritusMotusMetalumPraecantatioPermutatio
Golem Core: Gather Straw Golem - -
Golem Core: Empty Golem Core: Gather Secondary Vacuosx5 Permutatiox3 Lucrumx3
Golem Core: Use Golem Core: Empty, Infusion Primary InstrumentumPermutatioMachinaHumanus
Golem Core: Fill Golem Core: Gather Secondary Famesx5 Permutatiox3 Vacuosx3
Golem Core: Chop Golem Core: Harvest, Axe of the Stream Secondary ArborMetoInstrumentumPotentia
Golem Core: Guard Golem Core: Gather Primary TelumVinculumSensus
Golem Core: Decanting Golem Core: Fill Primary AquaPermutatioIter
Golem Core: Alchemy Golem Core: Decanting, Infusion Secondary AquaIterPraecantatioPotentia
Golem Core: Harvest Golem Core: Gather Primary MetoMessisIter
Golemancer's Bell Straw Golem - -
Golem Upgrade: Air Golemancer's Bell Secondary Aerx8 Motusx5
Golem Upgrade: Earth Golemancer's Bell Secondary Terrax8 Victusx5
Golem Upgrade: Fire Golemancer's Bell Secondary Ignisx8 Potentiax5
Golem Upgrade: Water Golemancer's Bell Secondary Aquax8 Sensusx5
Golem Upgrade: Order Golemancer's Bell Secondary Ordox8 Cognitiox5
Golem Upgrade: Entropy Golemancer's Bell Secondary Perditiox8 Cognitiox5
Advanced Golems Infusion,
Golem Upgrade: Air,
Golem Upgrade: Earth,

Golem Upgrade:Fire,
Golem Upgrade: Water,
Golem Upgrade: Order,
Golem Upgrade: Entropy

Hidden VictusPotentiaCognitio
Tiny Hats - Hidden PannusVictusLucrum
Tiny Spectacles - Hidden PannusSensusLucrum
Tiny Bowties - Hidden PannusIterLucrum
Tiny Fezzes - Hidden PannusPotentiaLucrum
Golem Dart Launcher - Hidden VolatusTelumLucrum
Golem Visor - Hidden SensusTutamenLucrum
Golem Iron Plating - Hidden MetalumTutamenLucrum
Golem Mace - Hidden MetalumTelumLucrum


Added by Railcraft
Research Requires Type Aspects
Thaumium Crowbar  ? Primary  ?

Thaumic Tinkering[edit]

Added by Thaumic Tinkerer
Research Requires Type Aspects
Tome of Knowledge Sharing - - -
Computercraft Peripherals - - -
Dimensional Shards - - -
Smokey Quartz - - -
Golem Connector - Primary  ?
Transvector Interface - Primary  ?
Fume Dissipator - Primary  ?


Added by Magic Bees
Research Requires Type Aspects
Apimancy - - -
Lore Fragments - - -
Magic Frame - Primary  ?
Essence of False Life - Primary  ?
Thaumium Scoop Thaumium Primary  ?
Thaumium grafter Thaumium Scoop Primary PraecantatioUnknown AspectInstrumentum