Warp Book

Warp Book
Warp Book

Name Warp Book
Source Mod Warp Book
ID Name Unknown
Type Bool
Stackable No

The Warp Book is an item which can used to teleport or warp to known locations, players, or server waypoints around the world.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Ender Pearl

Warp Book


Binding a Location[edit]

To use this book you need to craft an Unbound Warp Page which is created by combining a piece of paper with an Ender Pearl in a crafting window. To bind the page to a specific location, right-click with the Unbound Warp Page in hand and the item will change color and change to a Bound Warp Page. To change the location right-click while sneaking with the bound page in hand and it will be unbound.

Adding Pages to the Book[edit]

Once the page is bound by the player, the Warp Book can be opened by using it while sneaking. The book will open am inventory which can store any page bound to a location (Bound Warp Page, Hyper Bound Warp Page, and Player Page)


When used, the book will open a GUI with a button for each page in the book. Clicking the button will activate the page