Utility Mobs

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Utility Mobs
Name Utility Mobs
Creator Unknown
Latest Version 1.6.4 - 2.1
Minecraft Version Unknown
Website Father Toast's Mods
Root Mod Unspecified
Modpacks Blast Off!
Blood N' Bones
Feed The Beast Horizons
Magic World 2
Material Energy^3
Sky Factory
Sky Factory 2

FatherToast's Utility Mobs adds a number of player-constructed mobs to the game. These mobs (which include turrets, defensive golems, and block golems like walking chests) are built in a fashion similar to that of the vanilla golems, with the materials used in their structure deciding their properties and abilities. Relevant information can be found in-game, in the form of four manuals:

Book + Pumpkin -> Golem Manual

Book + Dispenser -> Turret Manual

Book + Ender Pearl -> Turret Upgrades Manual

Book + Skeleton Skull -> Block Golem Manual

The Targeting Manual is used to toggle targeting status for both vanilla and modded mobs. If your utility mobs aren't killing a mob you want to be killed, the targeting manual is what you're looking for. With this book in hand, right-click any mob to toggle it's targeting status. Vanilla monsters are targeted by default, meaning your first time right-clicking a vanilla skeleton will remove it from the list of mobs that the golems target. Mobs added in through mods such as MoCreatures or the Invasion mod will default to be ignored by the golems. Your first time right-clicking a mob added through a mod will toggle it's targeting status from being ignored to being targeted for attack by your golems. Keep in mind that you may read the book at any time to see the list of entity names on the targeting list to know for sure which entities will be targeted. Any changes made to the targeting book list will not be saved unless you put the book in a crafting space and take the final product book from that after making your changes.

Book + Rotten Flesh -> Mob Target List

The Player Permissions Manual is used to grant players permission to pass by your golems safely or even access their inventories. With the book in hand, you can rick-click the ground to open the book and access the player permissions list. By default, your golems will attack all other players on sight. By adding a new line of text stating the player's username and permission code, you can give players permission to avoid targeting from your golems and give them access to the golem's inventories.

An example of a proper player permission line would be as follows

111 Example_Username

This gives "Example_Username" full permission to access and pass by your golems without confrontation. To remove a players permissions, simply remove their line from the permissions book. Any changes made to the player permissions book will not be saved unless you put the book in a crafting space and take the final product book from that after making your changes.

Book + Bone -> Player Permissions