Name ostPavel
Real name Pavel
In-game name ostPavel
Playing Minecraft since october 2010
Lives in Russia
Languages spoken Russian, English
Currently is a student

Hey! My name is Pavel, I am an admin of this wiki.

I mostly work with mods which I come across when playing modded Minecraft. I also keep an eye on unpatrolled changes and try to delete all spam as fast as possible.

If you want to contact me, your best bet would be to use my talk page.

I also use IRC daily - find me there! Server: irc.esper.net. My nick there is ostPavel. Query me ("/query ostPavel <text>"). I am using a bouncer, so your message will reach me even if I am asleep/afk/offline for any other reason.

If you have a question about gameplay, try ask on the forums first. If you have a question about wiki, always read the Style Guide and Rules before poking anyone.

Depth of this Wiki[edit]

Wiki depth can be checked using the following formula: \color {White}{D}={\frac  {E}{A}}\cdot {\frac  {N}{A}}\cdot {\frac  {N}{T}}, where

  • Depth is the calculated parameter;
  • Edits is a total number of edits performed;
  • NonArticles is a number of pages that aren't articles;
  • Articles is a number of articles;
  • Total is a total number of pages on this wiki (\color {White}{T}={N}+{A}).

Current depth of this wiki, checked at 1:58 on 09.05.2021 is 48.94 = 2.75 × 17.82 (where Edits = 347,373, Total = 126,495, NonArticles = 102269, Articles = 24,226).