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I started playing MineCraft with my daughter and on a friend's Business Elite Server about 4 years ago. Just came back from a trip overseas (in Bali for a 1-1/2 year) in March 2015 and got back into the game with Tekkit Modpack, which I customized with Mekanism

I spent a few months learning and writing Lua functions to make an interactive program for our Mining Turtle so the kids and I could interact with her and tell her what we wanted done, from building bridges to preparing for quarries

I got lot's of info from this Wiki, and I wanted to Pay it Forward and contribute...

and so that I sure did, so much so that without realizing it I had moved up to #2 position of the Top 50 Contributors for the last 7 days and last 30 days making me #17 of All Time Top 50 Contributors (as of July 22nd)

I was also promoted to Admin, good deeds don't go unnoticed!

You may imagine how astonished I still am... since this is my first time contributing to a Wiki and I just started learning about Wiki mark-up and HTML code at the end of June 2015

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