This is a bot account owned by User:dgelessus. It is currently not used by a fully automated bot, instead AWB is used for mass edits.

If you have any questions or edit requests, please contact dgelessus on his talk page. --dgelBot (owner · talk · contribs) 11:10, 17 January 2014 (CET)

Stop it[edit]

In case the bot goes on a rampage, leave a message on its talk page to stop it. If that doesn't work, admins may press the Big Red Blue Button. In any case, please leave me a message on my talk page afterwards so I can fix the problem.

What it fixes[edit]

  • YouTube embedding (replacing {{#ev:youtube}} with {{youtube}} and merging double videos)
  • Template renaming
  • Spelling, caps and links to Tinkers' Construct, CodeChickenCore, BuildCraft, Railcraft, GregTech, Extra Utilities
  • Vanilla/Vanilla Minecraft -> Minecraft
  • Strange link pipings (e. g. [[Golems|Golem]]
  • Recipe section name
  • In-text Minecraft Gamepedia links to internal wikilinks (this will never affect {{interwiki}})
  • File:Logo.png to File:ThaumcraftLogo.png
  • Category names from singular to plural
  • Automatic style and typo fixes provided by AWB

Most replacement filters will never be removed, because they often automatically fix common newbie mistakes as a side-effect.

The current configuration file, which includes all replacement rules, can be found here.

What this bot can't do[edit]

Because the bot uses AWB rather than a full-fledged and customized wiki bot script, it is limited in certain aspects. Text replacements are limited to what can be described using regex and a few other basic rules. Replacement patterns may also not work with certain unusual, yet correct template syntax. Needless to say, plain wrong code isn't recognized either and has to be fixed manually in almost all cases.