Hey y'all. I'm a humble Christian Mechanical Engineer, programmer, sign-language interpreter, husband, gamer, pianist, and amateur writer from Hermon, NY currently working at PCC in Pensacola, FL.

I've benefited a lot from this site the last few weeks, and now I want to help it out. I'm willing to accept design or Tutorial requests. Just leave a message here.

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Comment pages[edit]

Most recently, I've been deleting all the comment pages from the older version of the site. Some of the posts have some good stuff. However, since I'm deleting them, I need a place to save the goodies; I'll add it here.

  • 2X's Dense Ores with 8X's Constant Storms (Charged) and 8X's Lava Lakes makes a fairly stable world with some negative side effects, but not world ending. - Definitely good to know since Dense Ores is an automatic unstable world. This note was in reference to making a GregTech Fusion Reactor with less work.
  • Greatwood trees can have treasure chests buried under them with some REALLY great stuff in them. Side note: sometimes the spider spawner is underground (hidden) so don't give it one glance, and then start harvesting without decent armor/weapons.
  • Additional Forestry site (link)
  • If the modpack that the player is using contains RedPower 2, the Relay is better than the Hopper/Chute.
  • Add a Brain-in-a-jar next to an infernal furnace to catch the XP that falls out
--- Infernal Furnace might not work right if the Aura around it is too small