Ultimate Charge Station

Ultimate Charge Station
Ultimate Charge Station

Name Ultimate Charge Station
Source Mod Misc Peripherals
ID Name Unknown
Type Machine
Stackable Yes (64)

The Ultimate Charge Station is a block that, when powered with electricity, will charge any Turtle in front of it (indicated with a dot). You can move where the dots are placed using a Wrench.

Unlike the regular Charge Station this block can charge six turtles at once by placing a turtle at each dot. However this is only possible if you are using batteries to power the station. When using a cable you can only charge five at once.

Note: This Charge Station is only available when using GregTech 4


A Ultimate Charge Station accepts up to EV (for IC2), stores 10,000k EU or 500k fuel points, and can discharge batteries in its GUI. 

It charges turtles at a rate of 32 EU (or equivalent) per 1 fuel per tick.[1] So when the station is fully charged, it can provide about 20 fuel per second.


An Ultimate Charge Station will explode if it receives higher than MV (128EU/T).


GUI Crafting Table.png
Energy Flow Circuit (GregTech 4)

4xIns. HV Cable
Lapotronic Charge Station
4xIns. HV Cable

Lapotronic Energyorb

Ultimate Charge Station


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