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Lua Logo.svg This template is written in Lua. The full source code can be found at Module:Itemref.

This template is used to conveniently display an item's icon next to its page link. This is useful on disambiguation pages and tutorial pages. It works like such:

{{itemref|Advanced Monitor}} Advanced Monitor Advanced Monitor

A few additional options can be changed, such as the image size and link text.

{{itemref|Monitor (ComputerCraft)|16px|text=Monitor}} Monitor Monitor

The link itself remains the same, since it should reference the actual item page. The image url should not need to be changed, since images follow a special naming convention that is automatically handled in this template, so the image name should essentially match the item name. If it does not, correct it. In particular, this template looks for "File:Grid <item name>.png" and if it doesn't find it, it will display:

Nonexistant Nonexistant

It is also possible to show the image after the text instead of before it:

{{itemref|Monitor (ComputerCraft)|right=1}}

Monitor (ComputerCraft) Monitor (ComputerCraft)

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