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Name Template:Infobox/InvItem
Tooltip Floating Block of Sand (You Are So Magical)
Source Mod Minecraft
ID Names
OreDict Names
First Appearance Minecraft 1.2.3
Type Awesome Thing
Stackable Yes (42)
Affected by Gravity Why not?
Transparent No idea.
Luminance 24
Blast Resistance 1337
Tool Wooden Pickaxe Imprinter
Storage Whatever
Maximum Input Voltage Input Voltage
Maximum Output Voltage Output Voltage
Capacity Capcacity
Power Power
Energy Energy
Steam Consumption Steam
Steam Capacity SteamCap
Steam Production SteamPro
EMC Value 1234
Formula SiO2
Lua Logo.svg This template is written in Lua. The full source code can be found at Module:Infobox/InvItem.


  • name (Old names: Rname, title): Block/item and infobox title. Should be used if actual name differs from page title, for example when the page title contains a disambiguation suffix. Default: {{PAGENAME}}.
  • img: Large block/item image (without File: or square brackets). Replaces {{{image}}}. Default: {{itemimage|{{PAGENAME}}}}
  • imgwidth: Width of the image. Ignored if {{{img}}} is used. Default: 250px.
  • image: Deprecated. Modpack image with full syntax, including File: and square brackets. Replaced by {{{img}}} and {{{imgwidth}}}.
  • gridimg (Old name: gridimage): Small grid image between large image and caption. If a semicolon-separated list of image names is given, they will appear as a cycling animation. The value of this parameter is directly passed to {{GridBox}}, unless nil is passed, in which case the grid box will be hidden.
  • caption: Caption that appears under both. May also be displayed if no image is present. Default: Hidden.
  • tooltip: The block/item's extra tooltip ("lore") text, visible when hovered over in the inventory screen. Default: Hidden.
  • idname: The block/item's ID name, including the mod prefix (e. g. minecraft:sand). If this block/item carries a specific metadata ("damage") value, it should be added after the name, separated by a colon (e. g. minecraft:sand:1). Multiple ID names may be listed by separating them with semicolons. Default: Unknown.
  • oredict: The block/item's Ore Dictionary name. Multiple names may be listed by separating them with semicolons. Default: Hidden.
  • mod: The mod that includes this block/item. If multiple mods provide an item and all implementations are equivalent gameplay-wise, multiple mods may be listed. Items used by a large number of mods may also set this parameter to Various. Default: Unknown.
  • first: When the block/item was first added to the mod. This should ideally include both the mod and Minecraft version.
  • type: The block/item's general type (Tool, Building Block, Machine, Material, Ingot, ...). If the item doesn't fit well into any category, Block or Item should be used. Default: Hidden.
  • stack: The block/item's maximum stack size. This should be a number and will receive additional formatting if it is, though other text is also accepted for backwards compatibility. Default: Unknown.
  • gravity (Old name: physics): Whether the block starts to fall if there is no block under it, like Sand. Default: Hidden.
  • trans (Old name: transparency): Whether the block is technically transparent (i. e. lets light pass), like air or Glass. Default: Hidden.
  • light (Old name: luminance): Whether the block emits light, like Torches or Glowstone. Default: Hidden.
  • blast: The block's blast resistance value. Default: Hidden.
  • hardness: The block's hardness value. Default: Hidden.
  • fuel: The burn time in ticks if the item is a Furnace compatible fuel. Default: Hidden.
  • tool, tool2: The tool required to successfully mine the block. A second tool may be given if two different tool types may be used equally. These should be the lowest level required of the respective tool type, e. g. Wooden Pickaxe for Stone or Diamond Pickaxe for Obsidian. Higher tiers of the same tool or modded multi-type tools (such as the Mining Drill) need not be listed explicitly. Default: Hidden.
  • storage, voltin, voltout, capacity, power, energy, steam, steamcap, steampro: Various mod-specific fields, their names should be self-explanatory. Default: Hidden.
  • emc: The block/item's EMC value. This should contain the value given by Equivalent Exchange 2 in Minecraft 1.2.5 and ProjectE in new Minecraft versions. While this information is mainly historical, there is little use in listing the values given by Equivalent Exchange 3, as they are not yet used for anything and are subject to change. Default: Hidden.
  • formula: Chemical compound or element added by the MineChem mod formula.
  • rows: Additional info rows besides the default ones. Consists of multiple {{Infobox/Row}}s, separated by single line breaks. Default: Hidden.
  • extra1, extra2, extra3: Deprecated. Titles for three extra info rows. {{{rows}}} should be used instead. Default: Hidden (each row is treated separately).
  • extrainfo1, extrainfo2, extrainfo3: Deprecated. Info for three extra info rows. {{{rows}}} should be used instead. Default: Hidden, respective info title will be centered instead (each row is treated separately).
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