Observer Dependent Block

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The Observer Dependent Block is a new block added by qCraft. It is a rather unique block that has no definite properties when it is not observed. When it is observed, it takes on all the properties of another block (defined when the Observer Dependent Block was made), depending on the side from which the block is observed. It will retain all the properties of that block until no players are observing the block. If the block is broken while it is observed, it will provide drops appropriate for the apparent block broken. Breaking the Observer Dependent Block (or placing another block in its location when it appears to be air) destroys the Observer Dependent block from all angles. The other blocks used in the creation of the Observer Dependent Block are lost forever.

It should be noted that, when a player turns to face the Observer Dependent Block, the block will briefly display a green, animated texture, meaning that any player familiar with the block will be able to identify it as an Observer Dependent Block.

It is made using the Essence of Observation and up to six blocks of any combination or variety, within a selection of pre-approved blocks. What is known now is that typically blocks that are not perfect cubes (e.g. stairs, slabs) cannot be made into ODBs. In addition, functional items that have an inventory (e.g. chests, furnaces) also cannot be made into ODBs.