Klein Star

Klein Star
Item Klein Star Ein.png
Name Klein Star
Source Mod Equivalent Exchange 2
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable No

Klein Stars are items from Equivalent Exchange 2 used to store raw EMC. They can be used to fuel any power item that would normally consume fuel items, as well as some alchemical blocks and machines. This also includes the Transutation Tablet, in which the Klein Star also has an additional feature: it does not count as Matter or Fuel, instead the Tablet will remain with No Lock even after the Klein tar is placed in the input. This can be used to transmute to both Matter and Fuel at the same time, or indirectly Matter into Fuel or vice versa.

Charging and Discharging[edit]

The simplest way to charge a Klein Star is by placing it into a Transmutation Tablet. This will cause it to absorb as much EMC from the Tablet's EMC buffer as possible, and store it in the item. Alternatively it is also possible to place a Klein Star into an Energy Collector or Anti-Matter Relay, which will transfer all EMC from the machine's buffer into the Klein Star. This also works with the upgraded Collector MK2 and MK3, and the Relay MK2 and MK3.

A charged Klein Star can generally be used like a fuel item: it can fuel alchemical power items, is usable in a Transmutation Tablet (for both matter and fuel), can be discharged into any tier of Relay, or used to power a DM or RM Furnace directly by placing it in the fuel slot.


There are six Klein Star tiers in total. Except for the first one, all tiers have four times the value and capacity as the previous tier, and can be made by crafting four Klein Stars of the previous tier together. The EMC stored in them will not be lost in the process and will instead be transferred into the new Klein Star.

The first four Klein Stars are named after the German numbers one, two, three and four, and the sixth one after the Greek letter Omega, the last letter of the Greek alphabet.

Name EMC Capacity EMC Cost
Klein Star Ein Klein Star Ein 50,000 24,576
Klein Star Zwei Klein Star Zwei 200,000 98,304
Klein Star Drei Klein Star Drei 800,000 393,216
Klein Star Vier Klein Star Vier 3,200,000 1,572,864
Klein Star Sphere Klein Star Sphere 12,800,000 6,291,456
Klein Star Omega Klein Star Omega 51,200,000 25,165,824