Name GeoStrata
Creator Unknown
Latest Version Unknown
Minecraft Version Unknown
Website Reika's Minecraft WebSite
Root Mod Unspecified
Modpacks Feed The Beast Monster
Magic World 2

GeoStrata is a world gen mod that adds various realistic rock types and decorative bricks.


Crystals are a semi-rare formation in caves. They come in an array of colours, all of which give a brief unique potion effect. They have a range of 3 blocks from the Crystal. When broken with a Silk Touch-enchanted tool the crystal block will drop, otherwise shards of that crystal will drop.

Crystals can be used to create Crystal Lamps which give no effects and the much more costly Potion Crystals which give level III effects and in a greater range than the raw cave crystals.

All of the effects listed below will last for 10 seconds. Effects marked with * do not affect players.

Color Overworld Nether
Blue Night Vision Night Vision
Cyan Water Breathing Hunger
Grey Slowness* Blindness
Green Poison* Poison
Light Blue Speed Slowness
Light Grey Weakness* Weakness
Lime Jump Boost Lose Jump Ability
Magenta Regeneration Regeneration*
Red Resistance Instant Damage (1/2 heart)
Orange Fire Resistance Fire Damage - 2 secs
Pink Strength Strength*
Yellow Haste Mining Fatigue
White Clear Potion Effects Invisibility
Brown Saturation Nausea
Black Clear Mob AI Wither
Purple Gives XP Takes XP

Crystals are not longer a part of Geostrata. As of Minecraft 1.7, Crystals have been moved to Reika's ChromatiCraft.


When broken all of these will drop their cobblestone type; only a Silk Touch-enchanted tool will yield the specific block type. All of the blocks listed have their own type of cobblestone, stone and bricks. The layers listed is an approximation of where they have been most seen.