Feed The Beast Wiki:Spam

Spam refers to any large-scale addition of unwanted content that is in no way related to the Feed The Beast Wiki and/or serves only the purpose of advertising an unrelated website, product or company.

One of the most common forms of wiki spam is the mass creation of promotional articles or user pages, often containing external links, or the addition of external links to arbitrary articles or talk pages. This kind of spam is often done by automated programs referred to as spambots, which add spam content at a much faster rate than a normal person could.

The term "spam" is however not limited to such automated additions, it also includes manual mass advertisement edits, for example for a YouTube channel, or the addition of nonsense or useless content to new or existing pages.

Anonymous or registered users who either add a large amount of spam content or show obvious behaviors of an automated spambot will immediately have their additions reverted and will be blocked from editing, usually for three months, depending on the amount of spam. This is mainly a precaution against spambots, most of which tend to spam more actively after detecting that their spam is not being removed. Repeated spammers will receiver a longer or permanent block.

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