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This article is about Feed The Beast servers. You may be looking for ATLauncher Servers.

This is a list of community run Feed The Beast servers. Please be courteous to others and do not delete items. This is the ONLY page on which it is acceptable to advertise your FTB server on this Wiki. Your server listing will be deleted if it is inappropriate or does not comply with the editing/style guidelines.

Only servers that run a Feed The Beast modpack are allowed on this list! Private (pack code) modpacks must have their code listed unless an application is required. ATLauncher servers belong on the ATLauncher Server List. Servers running other modpacks are not allowed.

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Server List

Server Name Server Type Public? Host/Website Brief Description
Minemod MindCrack Open smp1.minemod.org
Friendly community featuring some of the Wiki admins.
aabr FTB Server Mindcrack with WorldGuard anti-grief Open b02.a01.ca Small Mindcrack server with standard configuration, reddit topic is http://redd.it/16qbtt in case of questions feel free to ask either via reddit or via this wiki.
Dig For Diamonds Direwolf20 1.5, Bukkit, MyTown, NoPvP Open digfordiamonds.com
Our aim as a server is to provide players with

legit gameplay and an awesome community. To make sure that everyone has a great time, we do use a couple of really neat plugins. These are mostly centered around making sure that everyone's stuff stays safe.

StickkyCraft Mindcrack, Bukkitforge, 24/7, NoPvP Application URL A medium server with 70 slots apply for whitelist and check out our site at www.StickkyCraftAu.enjin.com
Hippiecraft Unleashed Application URL Unlisted Hippiecraft.net is a server started in late November 2012. We use the most recent Unleashed pack. Come visit us at our forums.
S!Kcraft FTB Server Mindcrack, Mystcraft Application URL sikcraft.chi5.creeperhost.net
S!K Nation has a great community that plays FTB. We have helpful Admins and Mods. We also have MyTown installed for protections with PEX for Forge. There are 50 slots on the server come get on the server while the space lasts. Check us out at S!K Nation.
The Digital Factor Unleashed + GregTech, MCPC+ Open
(port 25865)
The Digital Factor is a server aimed towards getting the community involved with everything that happens on the server. The team that runs the server is very friendly and always happy to help out the players! To see the rules and other important information, check out our FTB Forums thread here.
Eirinncraft DW20 server Direwolf20 Application URL mc.eirinncraft.org
(port 25670)
Eirinncraft Community: No Grief No PvP. All mods enabled. Mature Staff. Teamspeak: ts3.digitalthemepark.com
MonkeyCraft Direwolf20, Dynmap, ForgeEssentials Application URL monkeysquad.no-ip.biz MonkeySquad: No Grief PvP PvE. All mods enabled.
Voyagers Clan Ultimate, myTown, ForgeEssentials Open minecraft.voyagersclan.com
www.VoyagersClan.com - Welcome to the Voyagers Clan FTB Server! We currently do NOT use a whitelist and use the myTown Land Protection System. Our server is running FTB ULTIMATE and our admin are fully staffed and ready to assist you! Please enjoy your time with us and have a wonderful day!
ƒeliCraft Ultimate
with Millenaire
Only available to top editors upon request. If you feel you are a top editor, send your application here. We are a mostly non-PvP server, except for Millenaire villages. Sending your own Millenaire village to attack someone else's is allowed unless they give a special request that you not attack them.
MystCraft is removed.
Citycraft FTB Ultimate 1.0.1 with Mo Creatures Open servers.citycraft.co.uk
(port 1339)
Citycraft FTB was originally a Tekkit server which opened in June 2012, and changed to FTB Ultimate in March. It is a 30 slot server with factions running, with a no griefing or stealing policy. Most of the items are enabled, with the only banned items being the canvas bag and CF sprayer.

Server details Official install guide Tutorials

Xycraft is disabled, but might be enabled again

TS: servers.citycraft.co.uk

OC Craft Ultimate Open ftb.outcrygaming.com
PvP, Griefing, Factions, McMMO.
GrumpyCraft.com Ultimate and GriefPrevention. No PvP. Open ftb.grumpycraft.com
GrumpyCraft.com is a mature player community with no funny business. Omnipresent Administrators and Moderators. Professional grade server staffed by individuals within the IT field. GriefPrevention. MCPC. Vote Rewards. Minimal item restrictions.
Bloodtide Corp Infamy Open infamy.bloodtide-corp.com
We are running the FTB Infamy Mod pack V1.2. We are an open raiding server. Server runs 24/7.
Bloodtide Corp Direwolf20 Open dw20.bloodtide-corp.com
(port 25583)
We are running the FTB Direwolf20 Mod pack V5.3.2. We are an open server with a Mining Age, Twilight Forest, Nether and End resets every 2 weeks. Backups are done every day and server runs 24/7.
Bloodtide Corp Ultimate Open play.bloodtide-corp.com
(port 25603)
We are running the FTB Ultimate Mod pack V1.1.2. We are an open server with a Mining Age, Twilight Forest, Nether and End resets every week. Backups are done every day and server runs 24/7.
MCUltraUSA Ultimate Open mcultrausa.atl5.creeperhost.net
PVP/PVE, Multiple Plugins, Shops, Minimal Banned Blocks, Nice Staff, Dynmap, Voting, No Lag
Royal FTB Ultimate, MCPC+ Open
(port 25555)
Join the fun when we combine the best modpack and the best way to play: FTB and Factions PVP! Make a faction, play with friends, we are all very nice and supportive if anything happens to go wrong. We have no lag on the server mainly because of the 16GB RAM that it has but also a superfast connection to the world! Join the fun now and you will love playing at Royal FTB!
GamersCove Ultimate Open ftb.gamerscove.net
Join our fast growing community! We are running on a 24/7 32 GB Dedicated Server with an extremely fast connection! Join us now and you will not regret it!
Feed Me More Mindcrack (Without Gregtech) Open feed.me.more.mcph.co
(port 34014)
Simple Mindcrack (without gregtech) server with no annoying permissions and admins. We let you do pretty much anything wherever and whenever you want, no holds barred! 100% uptime, lag-free gameplay! Come play now, the only server where you're free to play however you want!
No Babies Ultimate Ultimate Open nobabies.info
(port 25608)
No Babies is an FTB Ultimate server running on modpack v1.1.2 and has no ops, admin or any special features. Everyone works together, against each others or alone. It is pure survival.
Ancient minecraft Ultimate 1.1.2 Open minecraft.ancientstormrage.com
(port 25565)
This server is for casual FTB fans who enjoy tech challenge but still want to make it look good. We doubled all ores to make it easier for new and regular players. So everybody can easily work on a great project. No raiding, no PVP and no grief.
Blushell FTB Ultimate Ultimate 1.1.2 Application URL ftb.blushell.net
(port 25565)
[www.blushell.net Web]
Blushell FTB Ultimate is a private whitelist server under the Blushell Gaming network. Automated whitelisting, factions, custom protections and an experienced dev team from the MC Alpha days. Apply now!
MCNSA FTB Direwolf20 Open ftb.mcnsa.com
(port 25565)
[mcnsa.com Web]
Easygoing server. Minimal banned items. Fast server. No lag. Seperate worlds for guests and regular players. Subscription perks
Tempting MineCraft Unleashed Open mc.temptingazjol.eu
(port 25565)
Whitelisted, Subscriber Server, No Griefing, No Disabled Mods
Team-NeO's Ultimate FTB Server Ultimate Open mc.team-neo.com
(port 25570)
Looking for a public FTB server with only a few things disabled? Looking for a server that doesn't have 100 plugins running and likes to keep things as pure FTB and minecraft? Well look no fruther! Team-NeO offers a vanilla approach to FTB - we do not run 100s of plugins and keep everything as FTB/MC was intended! Give us a try :)
mIKe's ReVeNGe Unleashed Open beast.mikes-revenge.net
For new to advanced players, turtle http API/pastebin. Dynmap. Support via our forums at www.mikes-revenge.net
MisSpellCraft Ultimate Open misspell.org:7777
This is a Cracked server with fun and mature staff members to assist you. Refunds from accidental server deaths are possible, along with a future Mob Arena and Team Death Match. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and get on our server!
Oceanus Lunaris Ultimate Open play.oclucraft.com
OcLuCraft is not for those who love the 500 slot over the top servers - We're relatively small but the community is really tight and feels like a family. There's never a need to worry about griefing here, a unique configuration of Factions, CoreProtect and LWC protects you from all the dangers of them trolls! We'll see you on the server!
DeVco Unleashed 1.1.7 Open play.devcoftb.com
Enable Biomes O plenty, Hats, Hat Stand, Nether Ores, and Vending block. Instructions: http://tinyurl.com/lp7nkbt
Malicoria Unleashed 1.1.4 Open
This is a public FTB-unleashed server (with MCPC). It's meant to be cooperative, no griefing, no pvp outsides the pvp-areas, no stealing. Everybody is welcome to join and play with us. What's special on this server ? Finally minecraft has a goal. We have tasks and quests which give you WRPs (world ranking points), which advance you in our server ranking, and allow you to buy special things, like for example your own plot, where only you can build.
Fallen Spark Ampz Open mc.fallenspark.com
We have missiles, factions, advanced machines and rocket ships, must i say anymore?
Demethan's Keep UHS, Unleashed Application URL demethanskeep.org
I run multiple servers. I'm a no nonsense kinda guy. I'm looking for adults to play with. My server is fast and backed up. Please apply on my website to be whitelisted.
Laerad Unleashed Unleashed 1.1.3 (GregTech, Ars Magica, BoP) Open laerad.net:25525
A moderately modified FTB Unleashed server hosted by the Laerad Community. Anyone is free to join, but you are expected to be courteous and respectful. Guests are given an overworld-like Mystcraft Age to gather beginning resources, and are let in to main world by another member. No stealing, PvP is enabled (but discouraged), no griefing. Mystcraft is fully enabled. Instructions for modifications are at the link.
Sky Rock Unleashed 1.1.3 (Hats, Hat Stand, BoP Open mc21.serverminer.com:25684 We lay weight on the social/building aspect of Minecraft FTB, NOT PvP, although it is enabled. We want to supply a server where people of all ages can play legitly, in a safe place. We as well have veteran staff.
BladeCraft Unleashed 1.5.2, Ts3 MyTown, NoPvP Open
BladeCraft is a brand new server and is looking

legit players to build an awesome community. Server is a NO PvP, with Shopping Centre. WE NEED YOU! :)

Zeoldcraft FTB Unleashed 1.1.3 (BOP, Hats, Hatstands, and Power Converters) Application URL ftb.zeoldcraft.com
A greylisted, PVE, no griefing server with a great community! Some plugins include Grief Prevention, LWC, iConomy, and WorldGuard. All staff are mature and 18+. Currently have a deadly maze and more dungeons to come!
CODEx Ultimate Open
Small Ultimate server with standard configuration, in case of questions feel free to ask either via http://craftcollege.enjin.com/ or via this wiki.
The Beast Unleashed TPPI2 v0.1.1 Application URL the-beast-unleashed.com
Hosting the Test Pack Please Ignore modpack made by Reddit. How to join: http://the-beast-unleashed.com/join
Bloodtide Corp - Horizons Horizons Open Officially Sponsored by EnviousHost - Pvp/raiding - Few banned items - Factions - Part of an established server group and well maintained with active owners and staff
Slashcraft Unleashed (1.1.3) (All mods enabled) Open
Our brand new Unleashed server. We're focused on a friendly community, and an unrestricted FTB Unleashed experience for all! Come check us out.
TheValleys Direwolf20 1.5 Open thevalley.no-ip.org:25667
[Not available yet. Web]
New MCPC+ server using the Direwolf20 1.5 modpack. We have added Towny, combined with PEX and Essentials for security, SignShop to make some money whilst you mine. We are opening our doors to the public on a very New site.... looking for Friendly players UK timezone, but have a number of players from the US also...
Broventuretime!!! Direwolf20 1.6.4 (1.0.7) Open ip: broventuretime.com
Very friendly Community and Staff. Broventuretime is all about making friends and taking on the Direwolf20 Challenge. Features: MCMmo, Lwc, Displayshops and Grief Preventions. Come check us out, we're brandnew!
ReiserCraft FTB Unleashed (1.1.7)(Recommended) Open minecraft.reisergames.com New FTB Unleashed server with great community of players and helpful staff. Fast hardware. Looking for more friendly people to play. Only rules are no griefing.
The Cube FTB Direwolf20 1.6.4 (Recommended) Open ftb.thecubeserver.com
Friendly community server with experienced staff. Uses a unique anti-griefing system to keep banned items to a minimum. We use fast server hardware, and have a lot of experience with Minecraft and FTB servers.
LegedCraft TPPI - Private pack code: MegaSharkPunch Open srv4.annonnews.co
[Not available yet. Web]
Bookbinder is disabled ONLY. Server has just been opened so there's still things that needs to be done. Owner: samip537. Hosted in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Destiny's Landing Monster Pack V. 1.1.1 Application URL
Whitelisted FTB newbie friendly server! No grief, no stealing, no PvP. New or experienced players welcome to join us!

Hosted in Arizona, USA. We look forward to having you around!

Brierie's Server - Agrarian Skies Agrarian Skies 2.1.2 Open a.brierie.co:29999
Friendly community featuring mature admins, public server, voting system with reward bags and overall a great place to make your modded skyblock happen! (no planned map resets)
Sky Tech - Agrarian Skies Agrarian Skies 2.1.6 Open play.mcskytech.com
Friendly community, we will never reset the map, Great voting options points and reward bag system hardcore mode turned off.
CathalCraft Monster Monster v1.1.2 Open ftb.cathalcraft.com
CathalCraft FTB is a Monster v1.1.2 survival server that uses MyTown for grief protection. Griefing and stealing are not allowed, and there is no PvP. Players have the ability to set a home and teleport to eachother, so they can easily play with their friends.
Creepalicious.eu Direwolf20 1.0.25 Open mc.creepalicious.eu
We have a solid and reliable Direwolf20 server and exceptional staff to help.

We hope to provide you with an amazing experience that makes every minute of your gameplay fun and enjoyable.

Techno Beast Monster 1.1.1 Open www.play-tb.co
24/7 - Grief Prevention - Blood Magic Enabled - 18+ Staff - Teamspeak - Economy

Come join our great little community. Minimal oceans, mining world, server wide lava, and lots more!

PowerEclipse Direwolf20 1.6 Open ftb.powereclipse.com
Welcome to PowerEclipses 1.0.25 DireWolf20 server!

NO BANNED ITEMS YET! We are a small amount of players at the moment, but were always looking for more players! Be sure to use the 1.0.25 version to join this server!)

ProsperCraft FTB Horizons 2 Daybreaker Server Horizons 2 Daybreaker Open daybreaker.prospercraft.com
The ProsperCraft Server network is a Family Friendly server network. Hardcore economy. Difficulty- Hard Towny Protections ENABLE Difficult Life mod :) Located in Salt Lake City, Utah in a high end datacenter. We have local meetups to play as well. When you log in you will be permanently randomly spawned somewhere within 10k of 0.
ProsperCraft FTB Infinity Evolved Server FTB Infinity Evolved Hardmode Server Open evolved.prospercraft.com
The ProsperCraft Server network is a Family Friendly server network. Hardcore economy. Difficulty- Hard Towny Protections, Located in Salt Lake City, Utah in a high end datacenter. We have local meetups to play as well. Are you ready to evolve?

Sentinel Network - Infinity Evolved (Normal) Infinity Evolved Normal Open inf.sentnet.us
Sentinel Network has a friendly community with both new and experienced players. The community will help you out if you’re having troubles and the staff is always ready to help you out as well! Our servers are running on the most powerful machines, to give you a smooth gameplay without lag and downtime. We provide you the best game-experience with our modded servers. Join us to experience the feeling and have countless hours of fun!
Sentinel Network - Resonant Rise Resonant Rise : All Mods Enabled Open res.sentnet.us
Sentinel Network has a friendly community with both new and experienced players. The community will help you out if you’re having troubles and the staff is always ready to help you out as well! Our servers are running on the most powerful machines, to give you a smooth gameplay without lag and downtime. We provide you the best game-experience with our modded servers. Join us to experience the feeling and have countless hours of fun!
[EU/LV] LvHostGaming Dedicated FTB Direwolf 20 1.10, FTB Beyond Open s.lvhostgaming.com
LvHostGaming is a community for gaming, we provide servers - whatever our community desires, and it is being improved by its suggestions. We provide friendly servers hosted on dedicated linux ssd machines. Join us and enjoy your time here ;)