Name EnviroMine
Creator Funwayguy
Latest Version 1.3.124
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Website Curse
Root Mod Minecraft Forge
Modpacks Blast Off!
Crash Landing
Journey to the Core
Running Red 2: Vampire Money

Environmine is a mod that adds new mechanics such as temperature, hydration, air quality, and sanity. These four attributes are represented by four bars on the player's HUD. (Sanity and Air Quality is not present in some earlier versions of the mod).

Updates for this mod have been permanently discontinued, and the source code has been posted on the CurseForge page.

Air Quality[edit]

When the player is below the height y = 48, they will begin to lose air quality. Nearby plants and leaves will slowly increase air quality, while burning torches, active furnaces, fires, and lava blocks will decrease air quality. When air quality is low enough, the player will experience slowness and mining fatigue.


The player will slowly lose hydration over time, and must periodically drink water in order to survive. Reaching 15% hydration will give the player mining fatigue. Reaching 0% hydration will slowly kill the player. Additionally, there are different types of water the player can collect: Cold water, Dirty water, Salty Water, and Clean water. Cold water decreases the player's temperature when consumed, Dirty water will make the player sick, salty water causes hydration to decrease more quickly, and clean water has no side effects. The player can also use a Camel Pack to replenish hydration over time when it is equipped in the chest armor slot. It has the capacity of four waterbottles


Fighting undead mobs such as zombies, getting hit by endermen, and being low on health will cause the player's sanity to drop. Touching Skulls, Webs, and Soul Sand will also decrease the player's sanity. The player can increase their sanity by sleeping or being near plants and flowers. The Dragon Egg will quickly increase the player's sanity when nearby. Low sanity will cause the player to experience hallucinations of mobs that can spawn, including those of other mods.


Temperature is determined by a several factors such as biome, time of day, weather, nearby blocks/mobs, and blocks the player has in their hotbar. The temperature meter indicates the surrounding temperature with two black squares, while the player's current temperature is indicated by a white dot. The safe temperature for the player is between 36 and 38 degrees Celcius. The player's temperature will slowly move towards the temperature of the environment. Fire and lava can be used to increase the player's temperature. Being in water will cause the surrounding temperature to be 10 degrees lower. A Potion of fire resistance will prevent the player's surrounding temperature from increasing beyond 38 degrees.