Wooden Transport Pipe

Wooden Transport Pipe
Block Wooden Transport Pipe.png

Wooden Transport Pipe

Name Wooden Transport Pipe
Type Pipe
Tool Any tool
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 4306
Source Mod BuildCraft

Wooden Transport Pipes are the most basic type of Pipes. They are used to extract items from inventories like chests, furnaces and most machines. Wooden Pipes need power from an Engines to work.

Two Wooden Transport Pipes will not connect when put next to each other, but will connect with any other transport pipe put next to it. In compact designs, instead of extracting items from an inventory, it can be used in the middle of other pipes to transport items past another wooden pipe. Items will be extracted from the darker end of the pipe. The pipe's direction can be changed using a BuildCraft Wrench.

It is important to make sure the pipes are attached to the correct side of a block. A pipe connected to the top of a furnace will place items in the top slot. When placed on the right side, it will extract items from the furnace's output.

To extract liquids, Wooden Waterproof Pipes are used. Wooden Conductive Pipes are able to extract energy from Engines.


Powering a Wooden Pipe with different types of engines provides different results:

  • Redstone Engine: The pipe extracts 1 item at a time. As the engine heats up, the time between items reduces.
  • Stirling Engine: The pipe extracts up to 52 items at a time.
  • Combustion Engine: The pipe extracts up to 64 items at a time.
  • Autarchic Gate The pipe will output items at different speeds depending on the number of Energy Pulser triggers that are active. With one trigger active they will output items one at a time. Each additional active trigger will double the number of items. They may also be set to Energy Pulse which will do the same thing, but only once per trigger.
  • Redstone Energy Cell The pipe will output items faster the more power the cell provides them with.


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Wooden Transport Pipe


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Wooden Transport Pipe

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