Rotary Macerator

Rotary Macerator
Block Rotary Macerator.png

Rotary Macerator

Name Rotary Macerator
Type Machine
Max Energy EU
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod Advanced Machines

The Rotary Macerator is added by Advanced Machines. This is an upgraded version of the Macerator.

Important Bug[edit]

12/16/2012 There is currently a bug which can corrupt the world save file that is linked with this machine. Please read this post for more details. Note that this bug only affects FTB Beta A. Other FTB packs have received a patch to resolve this bug.


The Rotary Macerator accomplishes the same thing as a
A very basic setup for the Rotary Macerator.
Macerator (grind 1 piece of ore into 2 units of Dust) but will increase its speed over time. Like the Induction Furnace, it features 2 input and 2 output slots that can process items simultaneously. If the machine is empty, it will lose speed by default. The default maximum processing speed is 1 item every 0.6 seconds. If a redstone signal is applied to the machine, it will not lose speed as long as it has enough EU supplied to it.

This machine cannot spin faster than 7500 RPM unless you add Overclocker Upgrades. The maximum achieveable speed is 15,500 RPM.

While this machine is not as efficient for macerating ores as Industrial Grinder or Pulverizer, it is recommended for grinding large amounts of items which don't produce side products.

Energy and Storage[edit]

The Rotary Macerator can receive up to 32 EU/p, unless it is upgraded with a Transformer UpgradeIf you supply it with more than low voltage (32 EU/p), the Rotary Macerator will explode!

By default, this machine will consume 3 EU/t while charging, idling, or processing items.

The Rotary Macerator is able to store 5000 EU, this is enough to process 14 ore, starting from 0 RPM. Even after losing initial power, the Rotary Macerator continues to work until its RPM reaches 0.


Refined Iron
Refined Iron
Refined Iron
Refined Iron
Advanced Machine Block
Refined Iron
Refined Iron
Refined Iron
Rotary Macerator


This video goes over how to build, power and automate the Rotary Macerator, as well as the uses and resources needed for it.

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