Research Table

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Research Table
Research Table

Name Research Table
Source Mod Thaumcraft
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable Unknown

The Research Table is an object added by Thaumcraft. It is used to complete Research to obtain Discoveries, which are used to unlock theories in the Thaumonomicon.

Thaumonomicon Entry[edit]

The Research table is created by placing two tables next to each other and then right-clicking them with Scribing Tools.

The Research Table is one of the most important tools for any Thaumaturge. It is used to unlock all the hidden secrets of the universe and discover new ways of harnessing magic.

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The interface for the Research Table can be very daunting at first, as it has a lot of slots and a lot of places to display things, and unfortunately none of them are very clearly indicated.

Thaumcraft 4.1[edit]

  • At the top are two slots for items. The one on the left is for Scribing Tools and the one on the right is for Research Notes.
  • Below the two slots is a large area that displays the aspects you've discovered. If you have any of that aspect, it will be bright and show a number indicating how many you have. If you have none, it will be dull.
  • At the bottom are two circles and a rectangular space. This area allows you to combine aspects to make new ones. Left click on any 2 aspects and they will fill those circles. The rectangle will turn into a button to click and attempt combination. If successful, you will create a new aspect which will take its place in the area above. If not, nothing will happen. Either way, you will use up 1 of each aspect. Therefore, it's more cost effective to discover aspects by using the Thaumometer. The aspects will stay in the circles until you click on them again to remove them.
  • At the right is the main area used in research. To use this, put a Research Note in the slot at the top, opposite Scribing Tools. A page with hexagons will appear, some of which will contain aspects. These hexagons have to be linked together, either with an aspect that is used to make it, or an aspect that is made from it. For example, if there is an Aer aspect in one of the hexagons, you can link anything that uses Aer such as Motus, then link Motus with Bestia, and so on. Sometimes, you don't have all the aspects required to complete your research and in this case, question marks will appear in the hexagons. You only have to link the aspects in a chain, not fill up the whole grid.
  • Once you've connected the hexagons correctly, the Research Notes will change to a Discovery. Take this from the Research Table and open it in your hand. The Discovery will disappear and the information move to the Thaumonomicon.


As there is no longer the need to research items with cursory or thorough to progress in your research, you now need to use a Thaumometer to analyze blocks and items to gain aspects for research. Using the Thaumometer is very important as you need to analyze things to get aspects to complete the research. It is recommended that you analyze anything and everything available to use in research.