Pickaxe of the Core

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Pickaxe of the Core
Pickaxe of the Core

Name Pickaxe of the Core
Source Mod Thaumcraft
ID Name Unknown
Type Tool
Stackable No

The Pickaxe of the Core is an Enchantable high-tier tool with a durability of 1500, added by the Thaumcraft Mod. It has a unique function of 'prospecting' the surrounding area of the Player. It also has a chance for "native clusters" to drop instead of metal ores, which can be smelted for double ingots. Use of the Pickaxe of the Core is the only way to obtain native cinnabar clusters, while the other ones can also be created from ores through use of the Crucible or Thaumatorium.

Thaumcraft 4 research aspects: Sensus, Instrumentum, Ignis


(Hold) Left Click - Mines the block, with a speed similar to an unenchanted Diamond Pickaxe.

When mining Ores, there is approximately a 33% chance that the Player will receive a Native Ore Cluster of the Ore, that was being mined, instead of the Ore. This can be smelted like any other smeltable item and will yield 2 bars of its respective Ore. These Clusters are only obtainable from Tin, Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold and Lead ores. Also, mining these ores will not decrease the pickaxe's durability.

The Fortune Enchantment can be applied to The Pickaxe of the Core and will increase the Cluster yield to about 75%. When the Player receives a Cluster instead of the Ore, a sound identical to that of an Experience Orb being picked up by the Player will be played.

The Pickaxe of the Core detects an ore 8 blocks distant.

Right Click - Analyzes an area of 3 x 3 x 8 blocks and shows the highest Aspect discovered. (Display is similar to Goggles of Revealing when viewing a Crucible containing Aspects.) The direction of the scan depends on which side of a block has been clicked. This action decreases the tool's durability by 5.


GUI Infusion Altar (TC3).png
Infusion Altar
Thaumium Pickaxe

Wand of Fire

Pickaxe of the Core
100 Vis
Wand of the Adept
150 Vis


  • The Pickaxe of the Core can be repaired with an Anvil at the cost of 1 Thaumium Ingot per 25% reparation.
  • Native Ore Clusters can be obtained by mining blocks that have been placed by the Player. This makes it possible to receive 2 Ingots from every ore that is mined without the use of any further Mods.