Magic Hand Mirror

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Research Notes[edit]

Research Aspects required
Thaumcraft 3 Research

Alienis Visum Instrumentum Motus Permutatio Vacuos

Research Requirements

Iter Instrumentum

This magical hand mirror functions much the same as other magical mirrors. You simply push items through the glass and they will pop out at the other linked mirror. There are a few key differences however.

Firstly, the hand mirror (as the name implies) is portable. Simple right-click while holding the linked hand mirror and you will be able to place any items in your inventory into the looking glass to have them transported.

Secondly, the hand mirror can be linked to a mirror that is already paired with another.

It should be noted that the hand mirror can only send items, not recieve them, and it also requires a much larger expenditure of vis to transport them.

Research: Iter, Vitreus, Alienis, Instrumentum.

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Infusion Altar

Magic Mirror

Wand of the Apprentice

Magic Hand Mirror



150 Vis
Wand of the Adept
100 Vis