Axe of the Stream

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Axe of the Stream
Axe of the Stream

Name Axe of the Stream
Source Mod Thaumcraft
ID Name Unknown
Type Tool
Stackable No

The Axe of the Stream is a tool useful for harvesting bigger trees. Unlike a normal axe, the Axe of the Stream breaks trees from top down to the block that is clicked on. The Axe will harvest all branches of a tree. When used, it creates small bubble particles on the block it is used on. These particles have no effect on gameplay, being merely a visual effect. The aspects for research are motus and instrument.

This item has a chance of being in a generated Chest.

Thaumonomicon Entry[edit]

"Combining the element of water found within a wand of frost and a thaumium axe, you have created a tool that embodies the aspects of motion and flow. It functions like a normal axe on all materials except natural logs and trees. When used the axe seeks to furthest block of the same type that you are attempting to harvest and harvests that one instead. In effect you will chop trees from the top down even if you hit the bottommost block. In addition all blocks harvested in this manner will automatically flow towards you to be collected. If you press and hold right click the axe will harvest at a much faster speed, but at a greater cost to its durability. If shift is held while using this tool all its special properties are suspended and it functions like a normal axe."

It should be noted that because the Axe of the Stream is made from a Thaumium Axe it can be enchanted with Repair 1&2.


The Elemental Axe has three modes:

Normal Magic Mode[edit]

Breaks down trees from top down to your block with relatively normal speed when breaking with your left mouse button.

Super Magic Mode[edit]

When you're clicking the left- and right mouse button at the same time, the axe will break the tree as fast as light. But the durability will also decrease much faster.

Normal Mode[edit]

When you don't want to use the magical aspects of this axe, simply sneak when breaking. It will act like a normal axe.


GUI Infusion Altar (TC3).png
Infusion Altar
Thaumium Axe

Wand of Frost

Axe of the Stream

Unknown Aspect


100 Vis
Wand of the Adept
150 Vis

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TC4 Research Notes[edit]

"Axe of the Stream"
"Rivers of Wood"

Research Requirements

Instrumentum Motus

TC4 Thaumonomicon Entry + Infusion Crafting[edit]

TC4 Axe of the Stream