Arcane Bore

Research Notes[edit]

Arcane Bore
Mining evolved

Research Requirements

Perfodio Instrumentum

Arcane Bore
Arcane Bore

Name Arcane Bore
Source Mod Thaumcraft 4
ID Name Unknown
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Solid Yes
Transparent No
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Required Tool Unknown
Arcane Bore firing. The items collected go to the chest. The lever is placed on the side of the Base.

The Arcane Bore is a tier 3 machine from Thaumcraft. It is used to dig automatically. The Arcane Bore can only be placed on the Arcane Bore Base (top or bottom). Its direction can be changed with the right click of a Wand, and it needs a Wand Focus of Excavation and a Pickaxe to operate. It drains Vis from the local aura very rapidly. If the wand focus or pickaxe has an enchantment, the Arcane Bore will mimic it.

The Arcane Bore Base has an output hole in one side(N, E, S, W), which can be changed with a Wand by right clicking a different side. It is possible to attach a chest or pipe to it to collect anything the bore digs up.

The Arcane Bore can be started with a redstone signal(lever) on the Base. It will dig in a circular pattern, for a base width of 5 and a max of 64 blocks distance. The Arcane Bore is the "Quarry" of Thaumcraft.

Be warned that the local aura where Arcane Bore is used will be drained dry, and players will have to deal with Flux problems. Using Arcane Bores far away from the base/house is strongly advised.

Requires the Portable Hole and Wand of Excavation research first, although the Thaumonomicon does not list it as such.

Players can change the direction of the bore to fire towards with a click of their wand.

It is possible to put two Arcane Bores in a same Arcane Bore Base, one in top and one in bottom. They both need separate redstone signal and they can be put to mine in different directions.


GUI Arcane Worktable (TC3).png
Arcane Worktable
Arcane Wood Block
Iron Ingot
Arcane Wood Block
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot
Arcane Wood Block
Iron Ingot
Arcane Wood Block

Arcane Bore Base

50 Vis
Wand of the Apprentice
0 Vis

GUI Infusion Altar (TC3).png
Infusion Altar
Gold Ingot
Gold Ingot
Arcane Wood Block
Portable Hole
Arcane Wood Block
Gold Ingot
Warded Jar
Gold Ingot

Arcane Bore

125 Vis
Wand of the Adept
125 Vis

Enchantment Effects[edit]

From Wand Focus:

  • Potency - Width +2 per level
  • Treasure - Fortune +1 per level

From Pickaxe:

  • Efficiency - Speed +1 per level
  • Silk Touch - Silk Touch
  • Fortune - Does not stack with Wand Treasure, only the highest level is used.
  • Pickaxe of the Core - Native Clusters


If the Arcane Bore causes Lava and Water to mix and create cobblestone, it will mine the cobblestone causing the water and lava to mix again, therefore rendering the Arcane Bore stuck in an unlimited cobblestone mining loop. It must be moved to fix this issue.