Twilight Forest Saplings

Twilight Forest Saplings refers to a category of blocks added by the Twilight Forest mod that serve as regular vanilla saplings do in that they grow trees. However, these trees are not contiguous with normal vanilla trees and are often much larger or serve strange and mystical purposes that are not yet implemented or known.

Currently, ten types of saplings exist that are added by the Twilight Forest mod. Four of these saplings are used to grow "magic" trees and cannot be obtained normally or sustainably farmed as the leaves that they generate do not drop their respective saplings. Two of the saplings serve to generate the same type of tree but in different sizes. The other four saplings are used to generate different types of trees that the Twilight Forest adds. All ten of the saplings share item ID 1516, with metadata values defining which type of sapling they are.

In addition, three of these saplings appear to not be able to be grown with Bone Meal or possibly not be grown at all. As such, these saplings should not be used until a future update either fixes this anomaly or confirms if it is a bug or not.

List of Saplings and Overview[edit]