Twilight Forest Enemies

Twilight Forest Enemies refers to a category of mobs added by Twilight Forest that are innately hostile to the player, as opposed to Twilight Forest Creatures which are either passive or friendly towards the player. Enemies of unusual strength that drop high-tier rewards for their defeat can be found at Twilight Forest Bosses.

Currently, there are 21 enemies that can be found in the Twilight Forest. Five of these enemies are found in the Dark Tower and are currently a work-in-progress in all aspects; as such, they are not yet documented on this wiki until they have been fully coded in and implemented in a future version of TF not yet included in any FTB packs.

List of Enemies[edit]

  • Carminite Broodling: earlier known as Redscale Broodling; a stronger version of the Swarm Spider found only in the Dark Tower; not yet found in the newest versions of FTB
  • Carminite Ghastguard: earlier known as Tower Ghast; a retextured version of the regular Ghast which is also stronger, found flying around the Dark Tower and guarding it from intruders; not yet found in the newest versions of FTB
  • Carminite Ghastling: earlier known simply as Mini Ghast; a scaled-down and retextured version of the Ghast with the same skin as a Carminite Ghastguard; found only in the Dark Tower; not yet found in the newest versions of FTB
  • Carminite Golem: earlier known as Tower Golem; an innately hostile version of the Iron Golem that has been slightly debuffed to not be impossible to defeat, especially in large numbers; found only in the Dark Tower, often along with Carminite Ghastlings; a WIP mob, not yet documented or fully implemented; not yet found in the newest version of FTB; a WIP mob
  • Death Tome: a floating book from an Enchantment Table found only in the Lich Tower; shoots projectiles that apply Slowness II to the player temporarily; often appears in large numbers
  • Fire Beetle: a type of Beetle that can use both melee attacks and fire breath to damage the player; found in Hollow Hills
  • Hedge Spider: a reskinned version of the vanilla Spider that can spawn in broad daylight but only does so if prompted by a Hedge Spider spawner in a Hedge Maze
  • Hostile Wolf: a hostile version of the wolf, spawns if prompted by a Hostile Wolf spawner in a Hedge Maze
  • King Spider: a scaled-up, reskinned and buffed version of the Hedge Spider found in the Dark Forest biome beneath its canopy; faster, stronger and more durable than a regular Spider
  • Kobold: a blue, dwarf-like creature found in Twilight Forest Caves and Hollow Hills; spawns in large packs which panic momentarily when one of its members is killed; easy to take out with nearly any tier of gear
  • Maze Slime: a buffed and reskinned version of the normal Slime that spawns naturally in the Labyrinth; drops slimeballs and, very rarely, a Charm of Keeping I
  • Minotaur: a cross between a man and a cow that drops Raw Meef when killed and sometimes a Golden Axe; spawns only from spawners, guards treasure, and is very dangerous especially as it can sprint about twice as fast as the player
  • Mist Wolf: a scaled-up, reskinned, buffed and innately hostile version of the regular Wolf from vanilla Minecraft, also found beneath the canopy of Dark Forests; faster, stronger and more durable than a normal Wolf; also sometimes gives the player 5–10 seconds of Blindness on attack; debilitating him
  • Mosquito Swarm: an annoying mob found in the Swamp biome of the Twilight Forest; gives the player Hunger as well as dealing a small amount of damage; dies fairly quickly
  • Pinch Beetle: a dangerous mob found in Hollow Hills and Twilight Forest Caves that picks the player up and carries the player around; must be killed by the player while the player is being pinched to release the player; dangerous, especially near cliffs, as it wanders without pattern when it is holding a player
  • Redcap Goblin: a mob wielding an Iron Pickaxe and Iron Boots that is found in Hollow Hills; sometimes drops a Maze Map Focus on death
  • Redcap Sapper: a more dangerous version of the Redcap Goblin that wields an Ironwood Pickaxe and wears Ironwood Boots; also found in Hollow Hills, although less rarely, and can sometimes place TNT down to blow the player up
  • Skeleton Druid: found in a Skeletal Druid house that are scattered across the Twilight Forest; shoots bolts that makes things grow; can sometimes drop Torchberries, some Bones and a Golden Hoe
  • Slime Beetle: a type of Beetle found in the Labyrinth and Hollow Hills that shoots dangerous projectiles that look like slime balls; appears to have a tail made of slime cubes
  • Swarm Spider: a reskinned version of the Cave Spider that is found in Labyrinths, Hedge Mazes, and so forth; does not poison the player, but can be very dangerous as they spawn in large numbers; although they have little health, they can corner a player who is unprepared
  • Towerwood Borer: earlier known as Tower Termite; a reskinned and buffed version of the Silverfish from vanilla Minecraft found in Infested Towerwood in a Dark Tower; a WIP mob, not yet fully implemented and not yet found in the newest version of FTB
  • Twilight Wraith: a ghostly mob that does not actively attack the player, preferring instead to attack the player at certain points when the player is mining ores and is susceptible to fall/lava damage; found in only large-size Hollow Hills