Quest Ram

Quest Ram
Quest ram complete.png
The Quest Ram after its quest is complete.
Name Quest Ram
Health 7 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHearthalf.png)
Spawn Only in a Quest Grove in an Enchanted Forest in the Twilight Forest
Drops One block each of Iron, Gold, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli and Diamond as well as a Crumble Horn upon receiving one of each color of Wool; cannot be Rockwool
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Quest Ram is a very rare and special mob that spawns in a Quest Grove. Quest Rams are very valuable as when they are fed one of each of the 16 colors of wool (which cannot be Rockwool), it will return to the player one block each of Iron, Gold, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli and Diamond as well as the unique item, the Crumble Horn. Quest Rams are also very valuable because they spawn only in Quest Groves, which are found only in the Enchanted Forest biome, a biome rare in and of itself, in which Quest Groves have only a chance to spawn.

Wool can be fed either by right-clicking the Ram with wool in hand or by dropping the wool in front of the Ram, subsequent to which the Ram will "eat" the wool entity. The Quest Grove also contains a Dispenser with assorted wool colors, which can be utilized if not enough wool is on hand when the player finds the Grove.

Each time a piece of wool is fed to the Ram, potion particles with the same color as the wool that was given will surround the Ram for a second or two. Wool colors can be fed directly subsequent to one another without waiting for the potion particles to subside. When Wool is fed to the Ram, the Ram will gain a new stripe corresponding to the color of wool that has been fed on its coat. This stripe will also elongate the Ram's mesh by one pixel per stripe, causing a completed Ram to be much longer than an uncompleted one.

Once the Quest Ram's "quest" has been completed (the Ram has received one of each color of wool and all the stripes have been acquired on his coat), the Ram will reward the player with the earlier mentioned rewards. The Ram will retain his stripes and the memory of the Quest's completion. The Ram will not die subsequent to quest completion, but the Ram also will not allow the player to "complete the quest" more than once with the same Ram, thus disallowing infinite generation of vanilla materials. The Quest Ram cannot be captured using the Safari Net.