Name Mistwolf
Health 30 (Heart.png x 15)
Damage 6 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png); occasionally, a 5-10 second Blindness effect
Spawn Underneath the canopy of a Dark Forest
Drops Nothing
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Mistwolf (also known as Mist Wolf, Dark Forest Wolf and (in previous versions) Wolf of the Mists) is a type of highly buffed, innately hostile wolf added by the Twilight Forest mod. It has nearly four times the health of a wild vanilla Wolf and 50% more health than that of a tamed vanilla Wolf. It also deals three times the damage and 50% more, respectively, than its aforementioned vanilla counterparts. A lone Mistwolf can kill an unarmored player in four hits.

Due to the nature of Mistwolves to spawn in packs, an unarmored player who wanders into a Dark Forest (the only biome where Mistwolves spawn) would most likely be taken out rapidly, especially if no high-tier weapons are available. As with the large Maze Slime and the King Spider, the Mistwolf takes more than one hit with a Nano Saber to kill and can only be killed in one hit with a railgun from the powersuit, powerfully enchanted (and high tier) Tinkers' Construct weapon, or if a Vajra is used and successfully delivers a critical hit.

The Mistwolf or more than one Mistwolf are quite formidable foes due to their innately-angered nature, their high amount of health and their quick damage rate. Mistwolves are also slightly faster than vanilla wolves and can only barely be outrun by regular walking. In addition to the amount of damage that they do, they also sometimes give the player a Blindness effect for 5–10 seconds, which is all the more debilitating due to the Mistwolf's dark texture and the innately dark nature of the Dark Forest. Thus, the Mistwolf is a very dangerous enemy due to the biome that it spawns in, especially if a player is unarmored or poorly armored.


  • If the player punches a Mistwolf that is not innately angered and attacking the player (can only occur if the Mistwolf is spawned in via Spawn Egg and the player is in Creative mode), other Mistwolves will begin to attack the player as will the one that was punched. If the player punches a wild vanilla wolf, other Mistwolves will also turn hostile and begin to attack the player. However, if a Mistwolf is punched, vanilla wolves will not become hostile.
  • The vanilla wild wolf's tail does not indicate its health level as the tamed wolf's tail does. The Mistwolf behaves similar to the vanilla wild wolf in this respect.
  • Mistwolves refuse to enter water which is a useful way to escape them however they have smart enough pathing to go past water through methods like climbing short trees and jumping off of them.