Better Lich.png
Name Lich
Health 100 units (Heart.png x 50)
Armor 4 shields revolving around him which must be destroyed by reflecting back the projectiles that he shoots
Damage Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png from ender pearl projectiles; variable amount from explosion projectiles
Spawn the topmost level of a generated Lich Tower
in the Twilight Forest
Drops a few Ender Peals,
Golden weapon(s),
Golden Armor wth high-level enchantments,
and 1 of 3 different Scepters
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Lich is a boss mob found in the Twilight Forest. It spawns on the topmost level of a generated Lich Tower. The Lich is a tall skeleton-like creature wearing a purple cape and golden crown. The Lich holds a scepter that has the functionality of all three of the Scepters, but he only drops one type of Scepter on death. There is an achievement for gathering all three of the Scepters.

The Lich Fight[edit]

The fight divides into three main stages.

The first is where the Lich spawns two skeletal minions, each with a Scepter of Twilight to cast Ender Pearl projectiles. The Lich also uses the Scepter of Twilight function of his Omni-scepter in this phase of the battle.

In the first stage, you can not directly damage the Lich: you will have to take down his shields first. He has four of them orbiting around him, and it takes a notable some damage to destroy them. Melee or shoot him, or try to deflect his projectiles back at him (requires some timing though). You can also use the Scepter of Twilight to take the shields; it seems to be very particularly powerful. It is possible to get the minions to hit the Lich by putting the Lich in between you and the minion. Once the shields are destroyed, stage two begins.

During stage two, the Lich spawns zombie minions, utilizing the Zombie Scepter function of his Omni-scepter. In the second fight, the player must damage the Lich (either by shooting or melee) which triggers the Lich to initiate stage three of the Lich fight.

During stage three, when the player gets the Lich to only have three zombie minions attacking that player, the Lich will pull out a Gold Sword and start chasing the player and melee-attacking him. He will still teleport when the player hits him, though.

Stage three's objective is to hit the Lich until he dies, at which point the Lich will drop some Ender Pearls, one of the three types of Scepter, and some golden armor with high-level enchants such as Protection 3. In the fight, you will need a special sword to kill the Lich.

Be careful when dealing the final blow, because if the Lich shoots a fireball and you kill him before it hits the ground, the explosion can destroy the items he drops if it hits close enough.


  • The Lich can be damaged and killed by his own fireball explosions.
  • The zombie minions, like regular zombies, have a chance to spawn with armor equipped, a chance which increases as the battle progresses.
  • The Lich only spawns once, although there could be multiple Lich Towers, each containing a Lich.
  • The Lich's armor can be destroyed by a Twilight Scepter.
  • The Lich's Ender Projectiles can pierce armour, focusing on dodging is highly advised during the fight.


Soon a video tutorial on how to beat the Lich easily will be added to this page.