Block Turtle.png


Name Turtle
Type Mobile computer
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod ComputerCraft

A turtle is similar to a Computer but it has movement capabilities. This is not particularly useful but its main appeal is that you can upgrade it to a much more useful turtles. After upgrading to a turtle like the Mining Turtle, the commands "excavate" (mines a certain area down, such as excavate 3 will mine a 3x3 block going down) and "tunnel" (mines a 3 wide, 2 high tunnel) are very useful. Turtles, like computers must be labeled for their programs to save. To do this type 'label Set "Name"'  This will name the turtle and it will no longer stack, all programs saved to the turtle will be kept without the usage of a floppy disk.

Turtles require fuel. They accept combustible items (any item that burns in a vanilla furnace) and numerous items that store MJ or EU. The command to refuel a turtle is 'turtle.refuel(amount). For example 'turtle.refuel(64) will refuel the turtle with 64 items. The fuel values for combustible items is ((fuel * 5) / 100), where "fuel" is the number of ticks a fuel burns in a normal furnace. Some examples of fuel values for items are shown below.

Item Movement gained Added by
Scrap 17 IndustrialCraft
Coalfuel Can 1520 IndustrialCraft
Wooden Scaffolding 15 IndustrialCraft
Peat 80 Forestry
Sugar Cane 0 Vanilla
Wooden Tools 10 Vanilla
Lava 1000 Vanilla
Blaze Rod 120 Vanilla
Wood Blocks 15 Vanilla
Sticks 5 Vanilla
Coal/Charcoal 80 Vanilla
Mushroom Blocks 15 Vanilla
Coal Coke 160 Railcraft

NOTE: Turtles will lose their charge when broken. The command: "label set [Name]" will allow them to keep their charge and give them a unique name in your inventory. However, this means they will not stack while in your inventory.

Another way to fuel turtles is with the Charge Station from Misc Peripherals. When overcharging a charge station on a server it will continuously explode without doing damage to the surroundings. A server reboot should fix the issue.



Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot


Mining Turtle[edit]


Diamond Pickaxe

Mining Turtle

It can dig and collect any block. Since the program excavate is already implemented, it's a cheaper way to do the same as the quarry.

Felling Turtle [edit]


Diamond Axe

Felling Turtle

It can dig any block but does not collect ores, and can also collect leaves. It deals more damage than other turtles, except than those with sword.

Melee Turtle[edit]


Diamond Sword

Melee Turtle

Can be programmed to attack mobs whenever in front of the turtle. killing the mobs not only drops items, but exp as well. This makes them useful for mob grinders.

Digging Turtle [edit]


Diamond Shovel

Digging Turtle

Only dig and collect light blocks, such dirt, sand... but also hand breakable blocks, like crop (without any tools, a turtle can't). Collects snowballs.

Farming Turtle [edit]


Diamond Hoe

Farming Turtle

Till dirt instead of digging it.

Wireless Turtle[edit]


Wireless Modem

Wireless Turtle

Crafty Turtle[edit]


Crafting Table

Crafty Turtle

Magnet Turtle[edit]


Miracle Magnet

Magnet Turtle
Miracle Magnet


Magnet Turtle


The very basics:

Writing a program to make an 8X8 platform using 'for' loops: