Tree of Time Sapling

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Tree of Time Sapling
Tree of Time Sapling

Tree of Time Sapling

Name Tree of Time Sapling
Source Mod Twilight Forest
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)

The Tree of Time Sapling is a type of sapling that is currently work-in-progress and not yet available in the game. As with the three other "magic" tree saplings, it cannot currently be acquired legitimately and is only obtainable through use of NEI or the /give command to spawn in the item. When Timewood Leaves are broken, they do not yield a Tree of Time Sapling under any circumstances, making the Tree of Time a non-renewable tree to use. Tree of Time Saplings cannot be acquired in-game, as they do not drop from any known mobs and do not spawn in any known loot chests currently implemented in the game.

When a Tree of Time Sapling is grown, it spawns a tree made up of Timewood, Timewood Leaves and a single Timewood Clock in the center. This tree has a diameter of three blocks and generates a large amount of Timewood as well as a thick structure of Root blocks beneath it. With each growth, many Timewood and Timewood Leaves are created with only one Timewood Clock per growth. Timewood currently cannot be turned into Wooden Planks by any known means, but can be used as a type of fuel in a Furnace.

The Tree of Time's WIP status is indicated not only by its [WIP] tag in NEI, but also by its sprite, which appears to have the word "time" written across it, following the pattern of the other three "magic" tree saplings, which currently have similar sprites according to their name and potential future function.