Spell Shape

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Each Ars Magica 2 spell must have at least one Shape.


  • Area of Effect -- Must be placed last. This Shape effects an area around the place the spell is cast. Nothing will happen if a spell with this Shape is cast in Diminished mode.
  • Beam -- Upgrades the effect and mana cost of Channel.
  • Binding -- Creates a tool that uses mana instead of durability.
    • May not be implemented in certain versions of this mod.
  • Chain -- Allows the spell to jump to 4 additional targets around the casting point.
  • Channel -- Allows the spell to be cast continuously.
  • Contingency -- Activates when one of the five items below happens to the player.
    • Death -- Activates just before death.
    • Fall -- Activates just before impact.
    • Fire -- Activates when the player is lit on fire.
    • Health -- Activates when the player heals.
    • Hit -- Activates when the player is hit.
  • Projectile -- Casts the spell once in front of the player. The spell activates on contact with a block or a mob.
  • Rune -- Activates on the ground near the casting point and can be triggered only once.
  • Self -- Casts the spell on the player.
  • Touch -- Casts the spell on a block or mob that the player can touch
  • Zone -- Must be placed first. Activates on the ground near the casting point and effects anything within a radius for a time.


When making a spell in the Crafting Altar, various items must be dropped to fuel the process. The first cost for any spell is a Blank Rune.