Solar Panel (GregTech)

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Solar Panel (GregTech)
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Solar Panel (GregTech)

Name Solar Panel (GregTech)
Type Machine Moddification
Max Energy 32 EU/t
Transparency No
Luminance No
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod GregTech

The solar panel in GregTech acts like a upgrade to your machine blocks by allowing them to receive their power directly from the sun. As of right now, the only usage that players will need the solar panel for is constructing the full solar panel block, as no machine can efficiently run off of only 1 EU/t.

Currently the way to use it is by simply right-clicking on the side that the player wants to place the Solar Panel, however it will only produce power if placed on the top side of the machine and it is not night/raining. The player can also place the Solar Panel on an energy storage device to build power as long as the Solar Panel is on the input side and NOT the output side. However, THE SOLAR PANEL CANNOT BE RETREIVED IF THE BLOCK IS DESTROYED


The crafting recipe currently requires the following

Silicon Plate
Electronic Circuit

Glass Pane
Carbon Plate

Silicon Plate
Electronic Circuit

Solar Panel (GregTech)


Machine Block
Solar Panel (GregTech)
Solar Panel

80 secs
2 EU/t

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