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Item Air Shard.png

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Name Shard
Source Mod Thaumcraft 4
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

The Shard is an item added by the Thaumcraft mod.

It is a crystal that is harvested from as Infused Ore that is generated underground on most levels, in seams of 1 to 4. There are 7 Shard types: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Order, Entropy and Balanced. All Shards contain Aspects. Shards are an essential crafting item used in many Thaumcraft 4 recipes. Another way to obtain a Shard is to trade with the Thaumcraft villager. He will usually offer 3 Shards in exchange for an Emerald. Tools imbued with the Silk Touch, Fortune, and/ or Treasure enchant can all be used on Infused Stone.

Data Values and Ores[edit]

The ore is called <Shard type> Infused Stone. (e.g.: Fire Infused Stone)

The type of the shard (and ore) depends on a secondary data field (beyond the item ID), which is also used to store the damage for tools and so is commonly referred to as a “damage value”, or the DV.

DV Color Item Ore
0 Yellow Air Shard Air Shard Air Infused Stone Air Infused Stone
1 Red Fire Shard Fire Shard Fire Infused Stone Fire Infused Stone
2 Blue Water Shard Water Shard Water Infused Stone Water Infused Stone
3 Green Earth Shard Earth Shard Earth Infused Stone Earth Infused Stone
4 White Order Shard Order Shard Order Infused Stone Order Infused Stone
5 Gray Entropy Shard Entropy Shard Entropy Infused Stone Entropy Infused Stone
6 Rainbow Balanced Shard Balanced Shard [1]


  1. The Balanced Shard is made with a combination of any of the Shards and any 2 types of the Infused Stone.