Rubber Tree (MineFactory Reloaded)

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A Rubber Tree from MineFactory Reloaded

The MineFactory Reloaded Rubber Tree grows similarly to an Oak tree, but with darker green leaves and a smoother, slightly ruddy trunk. It is most common in swamp areas, but can also be found in most biomes. Unlike the IC2 Rubber Tree, this Rubber Tree must be cut down to harvest the Rubber. Natively, a single Rubber will drop along with each Rubber Wood; this can be increased using a tool with the Fortune enchant.


Most noticeably, one receives Rubber from the tree, which can be smelted into a Rubber Bar. This Rubber Bar can then be used in MineFactory Reloaded recipes and also in place of IndustrialCraft 2's Rubber in recipes such as Insulated Copper Cable.

It is also possible to centrifuge the resulting Rubber Wood in the Industrial Centrifuge. Placing 16 Rubber Woods into the Industrial Centrifuge, along with 5 Empty Cells, results in 8 Sticky Resin, 1 Methane Cell, 4 Carbon Cells, and 6 Plantballs.

When used in a Sawmill, one will receive 4 Jungle Planks, as well as having a 33% chance of receiving a Sticky Resin. Rubber wood, when processed in an Industrial Sawmill, produces 1 sticky resin and 16 wood pulp per wood. There exist no Rubber Wood Planks, so the wood becomes Jungle Planks.

It can also be used as fuel, either in a Furnace, Generator, or with a Steam Boiler powered by a Solid Fueled Firebox. It may also be smelted into Charcoal, with that fuel being used where appropriate.

Sacred Rubber Tree[edit]

The Sacred Rubber Tree is similar to the regular Rubber Tree, except insanely larger, imagine a large tree and you are not even close. These trees grow to about eighteen chunks large and it has been said that the only way to fully grasp the size is to make a creative world and see for yourself.

The entire tree can actually be cut down using one harvester, although this will take an extremely long time. Blazing Pyrotheum from the Thermal Expansion mod is effective for removing large parts of it, but you should not use too much unless you have a really good computer. Other methods of removing the tree (VeinMiner, Lumber Axe, etc.) may cause severe lag or crashes due to its size.

Note that due to its size, growing it requires significantly more RAM and CPU power than usual.

This sapling can be obtained by Jungle generated structures' chests or right-clicking a rubber sapling with bone meal. (only known to work in FTB Monster Version 1.1.2 and FTB Direwolf20 Version 1.0.2 [1.7.10])