Rei's Minimap

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Rei's Minimap
Reis minimap.png
Author(s) ReiFNSK
Forum Minecraft Forum post
Mod Type Minimap
Mod Pack(s)



Feed The Beast comes with entities and cave mapping disabled in Multiplayer. To enable Rei's Minimap on your own server, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the server mod LoginMessage (v0.4) for Forge Server. This can be found on the Rei's map download page under the section "How to enable Cave maping / entities radar on SMP". Download the Forge Server version corrosponding to the current version of FTB that you are running (1.4.6).
  2. Place the downloaded zip file in your server's Mods folder.
  3. Run the server once to create a file called "LoginMessage.txt".  
  4. Stop the server and edit LoginMessage.txt to include whatever you want your server to display when you log in. The different color codes and options can be found in the Readme provided in the LoginMessage zip. The default file already contains all the codes to enable everything but if you want to make changes, here are the codes as found on Rei's Minimap page:
    • To enable everything: &0&0&1&2&3&4&5&6&7&e&f
    • To enable just cave mapping: &0&0&1&e&f
    • To enable just player and animals: &0&0&2&3&e&f

Known Bugs[edit]

  1. Waypoints in Mystcraft dimensions are lost when logging out and back into Minecraft.
  2. Bumpmap glitches, showing square, one block high, hills on perfectly flat areas that span more than 6-7 chunks (Superflat maps, Desert biomes ect.)
  3. Some modded blocks (Block Breakers and Solar Panels from RedPower 2 etc) show up as purple on the minimap.