Oreberry Bush

Oreberry Bush
Oreberry Bush

Oreberry Bush

Name Oreberry Bush
Source Mod Tinkers' Construct
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Tool Any tool

The Oreberry Bush is a Berry Bush introduced by Tinkers' Construct that grows special Oreberries which can be harvested and smelted into nuggets of that type of ore, or in the case of the Essense Oreberry, eaten for XP.

Like the other berry bushes, a single bush has 3 stages of growth, and doesn't produce berries until its final stage. Berries can be harvested by left- or right-clicking on the bush when berries are visible. Unlike other berry bushes, however, they do not sprout a new bush on top of them, making oreberry bushes a non-renewable resource.

Oreberry bushes can only be planted on any solid block, or on top of another fully grown bush, and can only be planted in light level 6 or below. They grow and produce best in darker environments. Note that the Essence Oreberry Bush does not have these light constraints.

When a mob collides with an oreberry bush, it does damage similar to a cactus, however it does not destroy items that come into contact with it. If a player dies to an oreberry bush, the death message is "<player> was pricked to death"

Note: While using the Unifier from MineFactory Reloaded, you can change every Oreberry (except the essence Oreberry) into their nugget counterpart without the need of smelting them, saving time (as it is instant) and power (as the machine doesn't use power to operate).

Oreberry Bushes[edit]