Oblivion Frame

Oblivion Frame
Item Oblivion Frame.png

Oblivion Frame

Name Oblivion Frame
Type Item
Stackable No
Source Mod Magic Bees

The Oblivion Frame is a type of frame added by the Thaumic Bees mod for use in an Apiary or Alveary. It can be found in dungeon chests or crafted from a Proven Frame and an Essence of Unending Disregard.

The Oblivion Frame is very powerful, but not very durable - it has only 60 durability, but a single Oblivion Frame in an Apiary (or in an Alveary's Frame Housing) reduces the lifespan of the residing queen to a single life cycle (27.5 seconds) allowing for very rapid bee breeding. Because of this, it takes little damage per lifecycle, making it last quite a while. However, an Oblivion Frame draws about 15 Vis from the air per use and releases Tempus aspects into the aura as flux.

Oblivion Frames do not function if used alongside any other frame; apiaries and alvearies should use exactly one Oblivion Frame and nothing else. If used with any other frames, it will not shorten the lifecycle and the frame will take a lot of damage.