Destabilized Redstone

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Destabilized Redstone
Destabilized Redstone

Name Destabilized Redstone
Source Mod Thermal Expansion
ID Name Unknown
Type Liquid
Stackable Unknown

Destabilized Redstone is a liquid added by the Thermal Expansion mod. It is used for making Redstone Energy Cells and Redstone Energy Conduits. When used to passively cool Big Reactor setups, Destabilized Redstone produces more RF than water.

Like most registered liquids, Destabilized Redstone can be stored in tanks.


Destabilized Redstone can be made out of Redstone or Redstone Blocks in a Magma Crucible. The exact results for one Redstone has changed multiple times: before TE v2.0.7 (applies to Feed The Beast Beta Pack A) 1000 MJ were required and 50 mB were produced; since v2.0.7 1500 MJ were required to get 50 mB; and since v2.1.5 1200 MJ are required to produce 25 mB.Since v3 12000RF are required to get 100 mB

The requirements and yield for Redstone Blocks are always nine time as high as those of one Redstone. Thus the only advantage to using Redstone Blocks is a higher total yield, perhaps in an automated system, rather than efficiency.