Linking Panel

Linking Panel
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Linking Panel

Name Linking Panel
Source Mod Mystcraft

A Linking Panel is a Mystcraft Page used in the creation of Descriptive Books and Linking Books. The Linking Panel is created in an Ink Mixer, where modifiers are also added prior to the creation of the page that will ultimately affect the behavior of the book.

To create the Linking Panel, simply place a piece of paper in the bottom-left slot of an Ink Mixer (must already have ink), and retrieve the Linking Panel from the bottom-right slot. You may then craft your Descriptive Book or Linking Book.

Note that if you use plain ink, the book will have no modifiers, and you will not be able to use it to teleport to another location within the same dimension. Modifiers are created by modifying the ink itself in the Ink Mixer, and will even then only have a chance of applying the modifier to the page. You will not know for certain if the page has any modifiers until you remove it from the Ink Mixer, and the modifiers will be listed under the tooltip (tooltip will not show them while the page is still in the ink mixer).